Working of Green Tax Automation in eZee Absolute

We start the automation of Green Tax Calculation but before initiating this process, everyone should be aware of the importance of Green Tax and its tricky way of calculation.

How does it work?

– There will be one button under Folio Detail named as “Recalculate Tax” which will calculate the Green Tax as per MIRA.So, before checkout or after every change in guest profile related guest category, this button needs to be pressed.

What it will Check?

Category of Guest sharers (Tourist, Local or Work Permit Holder)Check-in and Check-out Time,  No. of Pax =  No. of Sharers

NOTE: Whenever you make any changes in the guest category and check-in, check-out details, that button should be pressed.For Ex: Previously, it was selected as Tourist and later on if you change it as Local, so the system needs to re-calculate the Tax again, so again the button needs to be pressed.

What is Impact if you forget?

The property may be liable to pay higher Green Tax which was not supposed to be paid. Reports will not match with MIRA CalculationInvestigation time will be consumed to find the mistakes
It’s already enabled for your property and for your reference, I’ve attached one short video of working of Green Tax Automation. So, go through this once and feel free to shoot your questions if you have any query.

Click here to view the tutorial video on which Green Tax is applicable

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