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What is the use of Label in eZee Burrp 7.0?

What is the use of Label?
The label is used for the Delivery purpose when the food is ready to deliver. Kitchen person can print the label and stick the same on the Packet or on the box which contains information like order no, Guest Name, Guest Address, food item, etc.

eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Tools >> Printing Template >> Windows Printer/Line Printer >> Label Template >> New

How to Access?
Please follow the below steps.

Screenshot 1:  Create a Windows Printer Label Template.

Screenshot 2: Create a Line Printer Label Template
Screenshot 3: Activate ‘Print Label’ on item: Edit the Menu item >> Other option >> Check-mark Print label >> Save

Screenshot 4: Activate ‘Print Label’ in bulk: Select the outlet >> Item Configuration >> Advance Configuration >> Discount & Open Price >> Check-mark all the items >> Check-mark on Label Print >> Apply All
Screenshot 5:  Activate the manage guest database option so that all required details are compulsory.
eZee Burrp Back Office >> Configuration >> Cost Center >> Outlet Operation >> Edit >> Order Type >> select order type >> Check-mark manage guest database >> Save

Screenshot 6: Active Label print in eZee Burrp.
Go to: eZee Burrp >> Settings >> Peripheral >> Label Print >> Check-mark ‘Activate Label Print’ >> Select Template Type, Template, Printer name, Order type on which it should be applicable >> Save & Close
Screenshot 7  Printed Label