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What is the use of “Exported Reports” module in the eZee Absolute PMS?

We offer several reports in our software for use by hotels. Depending on the type of report and the hotel’s requirements, the reports are exported as either PDFs or Excel sheets. The discrepancies that our users observed were that sometimes it took a long time to export the report for a variety of reasons, including i) the reports were for chains of hotels ii) The date ranges chosen cover several months; iii) The volume of data in the report is significant. While a user waits for the reports to appear on the screen, such events take up their time.

We also offer a feature that allows the hotels to receive the reports directly via email. However; it also takes time.  We have included the export files module to the software to address the issue and ensure our users are more efficient.

How to Access: In order to view the ‘Exported Reports’ module please refer to th below steps :

Location: eZee Absolute front >>  Click on ≡ (three lines) >> Front Office >> Exported Reports.

User Privilege: There is no privilege required if you want to view the ‘Exported Reports’ module, you just need to have an access to that report.

The reports that takes time (more than few seconds) to be available can be extracted from the exported files module and a user no longer has to wait or hold their work to get the report. The notification will be available to the user on the screen once the report is ready and can be exported. This reports will remain in the exported files for 6 days and this will even give ease to the users to download reports whenever they want immediately.

At the moment, only Manager report and the CRS Manager report can be extracted from export module. Attached is the image showing where the exported reports module is available in the product.