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What is the specific hardware requirement to use the iMenu?

iMenu can be easily used on Tablet/ iPad with below configuration.

  • Android Tablet OS Version: 4.4.4 and Above
  • Apple iPad OS Version: iOS 7 and above
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB
  • CPU: Quard Core 1.3Ghz
  • Bits: Not supporting 32 bit OS.
  • Minimum Dimensions : 193.7 x 122.4 x 10.5 mm (7.63 x 4.82 x 0.41 in)
  • Tablet  Minimum Size : 7.0 inches
  • Minimum Resolution : 600 x 1024 pixels
  • Minimum RAM : 1 GB
  • Menu Group:  Around 10 menu group
  • Item Structures: 20 – 30 items per Menu group (around 300 – 350 or more)
  • Modifier items: 5 to 10 within single menu items
  • App size:  More than 25 MB
  • Mode: Supporting portrait mode only

Note: eZee iMenu, won’t be available in apple app store if accessed from iPhone as it is categorized as tablet application

❖ iMenu 2 POS Integration

  • App will send order to POS using local WiFi connection.
  • Turn off  Anti-virus, Firewall which block port listening and don’t allow application to connect with POS.
  • If Target machine don’t have any firewall and anti virus but target machine
    is not listening specified port, then also app won’t connect with POS.
  • For Example. We are giving IP:PORT (like in iMenu
    application. Now app will try to connect with machine which has as IP but if that target machine is not listening on 5050 port
    then app won’t be connected.

iMenu Backend (iMenu backend importing menu from Burrp to App)

  • Here we are accepting json file with name MenuData.txt.
  • Amount of time this module take depends on file / menu size.
  • Example:  File size is around 20 – 30 KB will easily import menu in 2 – 3 minutes and display success message. if file size is 500 KB then it will take around
    30 – 45 minutes and won’t return anything after success just because of
    typical browser behavior of leaving server hit control after few minutes.
  • Menu Item import module available. Please take care below
    points before importing menu items.
    ◆ First Add menu groups
    ◆ Units should be available in system which you have applied in excel.
    ◆ Make sure you upload same structure zip as sample. I suggest you to
    download sample zip. Make changes in files in that sample. Then make
    zip and upload it.
    ◆ Keep zip size small. keep it around 2 MB. Do not add too many images
    which may increase zip size.