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What is Menu Management in eZee Optimus?

Menu Management: – 

Menu Management is for creating the whole menu which you are having in your restaurant. After creating a new Menu item it is necessary to do the menu management in last.

In menu management, We have to link all Menu items with Menu groups and Subgroups.  Under Menu management, the Menu items will be linked to the Menu group and Menu Sub group otherwise it will not reflect in the Front end.


  1. Switch to back

2. Add Menu item

3. Add Menu Group

4. Add Menu Sub Group

5. Go to Menu management and add Menu name

6. Select the Setting icon in Menu management, add menu group

7. Add menu sub group under Menu Group

8. Add item of that particular Menu group and Menu Sub group

9. Once its added, Go to Outlet and add menu as per below screen shot.

10. Item will be reflected as below screen shot.

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