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How to check Deposit in Guest Ledger in ezee frontdesk 6.0?

A sum payable as a first installment on the purchase of something or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later.

I am sorry but when you take any deposit in the room it won’t be showing in the invoice with caption Deposit.

Reason: We are converting deposit received from a guest in a settlement with balance amount in the room at the time of checking out that guest. In a meantime, those all deposit will be showing in Advance Deposit Ledger Report.

But when you receive a deposit into the room it will be showing in the invoice with Credit amount as shown in below so guest will get to know that what amount they have paid and what is the balance amount.     

Now Regarding Advance Deposit Ledger Report,

So all due deposit will be showing in this report which is not settled.

Once you convert received a deposit into payment(Settlement) it will be removed from this report for the same day.

ou can see now 100$ is not showing in this report because I have converted that deposit into payment on the same day.[Means I have settle Deposit now]

Now lets, say you want to see total what amount of deposit you have received and what amount of cash you have received yesterday.

Please refer below report (Daily Summary Report.)

It’s showing me 100$ which Firstly taken as Deposit but as I have converted that 100$ from a deposit into settlement so it will be removed from Deposit and showing me in Cash 100$.

Secondly, you can see Deposit is showing 500$ which is still a Deposit in one room and not converted into settlement so it is showing into Deposit itself.

Refer below screenshot

So this is how this Daily Summary Report will help you to find Yesterdays or specific dates total deposit amount and total Cash Amount for the Front desk Software.