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How to Void Inclusion from Bookings in ezee Absolute?

Inclusion: Inclusion predefines extra charges which is posting automatically on the night audit. When the night audit performed the inclusion will be posted auto on the booking. So if is there any guest who is taking an extra charge daily or at the check-in or checkout or a custom date then we can add inclusion on the booking so it will apply automatically means don’t need to apply an extra charge manually.

How to access: In order to void an inclusion refer to the below video and steps.

Location: eZee Absolute >> Front office  >> Edit Transaction

User Privileges: eZee Absolute configuration  >>  User  >>  Edit User  >>  Privileges  >>  Front Office  >>  Access to void inclusion.

Screenshot1: eZee absolut >> Front Office >> select guest transaction >> edit transaction >> click on the applied inclusion which you are looking to void.

Screenshot2: click on a Void from the inclusion window as per the below screenshot.

Screenshot 3: add a reason or select from available predefine reason from the list and click on the void button.

Report: Void inclusion is showing in the Void Charge report.
The Inclusion is nothing but an extra charge so voided inclusion showing as voided extra charges.

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