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Unknown Operator Error. – ID Scanner. – Keycard.

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If we see the above message while generating a key from eZee absolute, the concern is with the Door lock software which is not responding. Also, we need to check some options from our side in order to prevent the same.

  1. We need to go to Control Panel – Uninstall Program Section – Turn Windows Feature On or Off and enable the below services with a checkmark.
  2. Make sure we perform the below steps it may take a little bit of time to apply the changes, no need to restart the machine if the system asks to.
  3. The below options are helping eZee service to keep running, and keep working in the background to as not get stuck after some operations in absolute.
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  1. We need to ask hoteliers to open the door lock software. We can start our service as an administrator and then try generating the card.

This is also happening due to Keycard Software not responding and not opening, as we are fetching the details from the Path set in eZee host file. Above troubleshooting will resolve the concern with Unknown Operator Error.