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This document will help you to find the differences between tax analysis & tax collection reports. 


In The Tax Collection Report, We Are Able To Check The Exact Tax And Taxable Sales Amount.


From the Tax Analysis Report, we are able to check the details of the tax report (receipt wise).



If We Have One Item, Aloo Chaat, With A Price Of Rs 100/- And Gst With 5% And If We Have Another Tax With Name Surcharge Which Is 10%, So According To That

The Tax Calculation Is Mention Blow:-

Aloo Chaat= Rs 100/-

Cgst 2.5% = Rs 100*2.5%=Rs 2.5/-

Sgst 2.5%=Rs 100*2.5%=Rs 2.5/-

Surcharge 10%= Rs 100*10%=Rs 10/-

So the total tax which is applied on the aloo chat is 2.5+2.5+10=Rs 15/- and we can get the final amount with tax = Rs 115/-.

So, according to that, both tax collection and tax analysis reports are showing the same results for the taxable sales amount.

For better understanding, kindly refer to the below screenshots of both reports.

Now If We Have Tax On Tax, Which Means If I Want To Apply GST On Surcharge, Then Kindly Refer To The Below Screenshot And Check Mark The Option.

So we can take the same example of aloo chaat with price of  Rs 100/- and we can generate the Tax Analysis report then will get the below result.:-

Aloo Chat= Rs 100/-

Surcharge 10%= Rs 100*10%=Rs 10/-( Sc Will Be 10% On Item Price)

Total Amount With Tax = Rs 110/-

Cgst 2.5% (Apply After Surcharge) = Rs 2.75 ( 110*2.5%= Rs 2.75)

Sgst 2.5% (Apply After Surcharge) = Rs 2.75 ( 110*2.5%= Rs 2.75)

For better understanding, kindly refer to the below screenshots of tax analysis reports.

But with the same tax mapping, if we generate the Tax Collection report, we will get a different result in taxable sales(because tax on tax will not be reflected in the tax collection report). Kindly refer to the below screenshot for the same.

                    So if any client has tax on tax, please suggest they use the tax analysis report. 

NOTE :- Please disregard the subtotal and grand total information in the tax collection report since it is incorrect on our end. Alternatively, you may design a new report using the tax collection report data without a check mark on the boxes for the following information.

So if you generate the tax collection report it is look like as below:-

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