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How to update or change the rates of Menu Items in eZee Optimus?

1) How to change rates of  Menu Items separately?
Please refer the below details:

Step-1: Switch to Back
(Path: Click on your user name >> Switch to Back)

Step-2: Go to Items from Menu configuration and edit the item to change rate of a particular item

Step-3: Update the Item Price and click on “Edit to Save”.

Video Tutorial:

2) How to update the prices of menu items in Bulk? please refer below details:

Step-1: Go to Items from Menu configuration >> click on three dots on right below “+” button >> Select “Export Item”.

Step-2: After Exporting items update price in the “Excel” then Import the file from “Import Items”


Step-3: Import Items list.

Video Tutorial:


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How to update Rates, Inventory and Stop sell from eZee Absolute App?

You can update rates, Inventory, and Stop sell for Booking engine and OTA from Absolute app, Android, and IOS app named Hotel PMS and Channel Manager, from where you can update details.

From Menu >> Distribution >> Select Dates, Source and rate plan >> Update your details and click on save