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How to view multiple units on menu item while taking order in eZee Burrp 7.0?

eZee Burrp Back Office >> Outlet >> Item Configuration >> Menu Item >> Search Item >> Edit >> Price and BOM >> New >> Add Unit >> Save

Screenshot 1:
How to add a new unit in the menu item.

Screenshot 2:
eZee Burrp Back Office >> 3 Bullet Point(Top right corner) >> Option >> Display
In order to view multiple units, please check mark on unit selection settings and save it. Please restart eZee Burrp to apply settings.

Screenshot 3:

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How to Change Unit of Menu Item in POS Burrp 7.0 ?

System generates KOT when we punch an order from Dine IN, and KOT icon appears on table.

More KOT related operations appears when click on Table again (Icon (Notepad + Pen) indicates Table is in KOT mode.) such as modification in the order, reprint KOT, to transfer Order to another table, see the receipt preview.


Edit KOT : is used when want to change in the order, such as Item, qty, etc.

Order punching window gets open when click on edit to perform modification.

Order punching window does have couple options for the modification.

Change Unit :  Changing Unit of the selected item

Item which gets sell in one than 1 unit can be changed from the option.

For an example, item Absolute Vodka gets sell in 30 ML and 60 ML, either unit can be selected using the option.