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How to configure Business Source wise commission plan in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is Business Source wise commission plan?
Hotelier paid some commission to OTA like Trip Adviser, MMT, Expedia for guest’s booking.

Apply commission on booking and have to pay back it to business source.

Guest booked room with Tariff : Rent 520 + Tax 114.40 = Rental 634.40
Here Set 10% of all night commission, so hotel pay Tariff : 52 back to business source

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Property Setup >> Business Source

How to Access:
Follow below steps to add business source wise commission plan

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Note : Below report will show all business sources commission list 

Screenshot 3:
Reports >> Direct Billing and Company >> Business Source Commission Report

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How to define Travel Agent Commission at the time of booking or after booking in Ezee Absolute?

Travel Agent is a person whose job it is to book rooms for end clients (individuals, groups, corporations) on behalf of hotels and against that booking, he receives a commission from hotels. There are several ways to assign TA and define the commission plan which is as follows.

Location: eZee Absolute >> Front office >> Walk-in / Reservation

screenshot 1: Assign TA at the time of Reservation by selecting that TA from TA Database as per the below screenshot.

To define / Change commission after booking created.

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4: We can check the report for the same Travel Agent Commission – Detail or summary from the report section.

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How to pay travel agent commission via eZee Absolute?

Hotelier received bookings from local travel agents and OTA like Trip Adviser, MMT, Expedia for bookings received for his hotel, and against that booking they get a commission as per discussion. That commission hotelier can pay in the eZee absolute PMS system and if OTA collects payment then deduct a commission and pay to the hotelier.

Guest booked room with Tariff : Rent 520 + Tax 114.40 = Rental 634.40
Here Set 10% commission for all night, so the hotel pays commission 52 to travel agent.

How to Access: In order to pay commission to Travel agent please follow the below steps and video.

Location: eZee absolute >> Cashiering >> Cashiering center.

Privileges: eZee Absolute Configuration >> User >> edit >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Access to City Ledger Payment Feature

Screenshot 1: (Cashiering >> Cashiering Center)

Screenshot 2: (Action: Pay to Travel Agent >> Select Travel Agent >> Payment Type: Cash/Card/bank >> Enter amount  >> Comment >> Save.


Report: Whenever we pay commission to a Travel agent, we can see it in the Travel agent commission report, From Report >> Back Office Report >> Travel Agent Commission – Detail and Travel Agent Commission – Summary reports you can refer.