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How to add Multiple Units for Store item in eZee POS BackOffice?

What is Store Item Units?
When we purchase store inventory items in bulk, we are deals items with many units.
Example: Apple purchase by BOX and sell by KG/Grams.

eZee Burrp Back office >> Select “Store”  >> New/Edit Store Item >> Define Item name >>  Unit >> Add Unit

Note: First added unit is base unit and can’t be delete it.

How to Access:
Follow below steps to add multiple units

1) Open store item and Go to Unit option
2) Click on “New”
3) Add second unit (Example:  1 Litter = 1000 ML)
You can refer link for conversion factor: www.unitconverters.net
4) Save it

Screenshot 1:

Here, we are done with configuring item with 3 different Units.

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