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Error: Unable to Stop eZee NextGen Service while installing Service Pack?

Please follow the below steps to resolve:

Screenshot 1: Error while installing Service Pack.

Solution 1: Please close eZeeNextGen Service from Windows Services.

Screenshot 2: If you still get the below error kindly refer solution 2.

Solution 2: Perform below steps in Command Prompt.

Steps to be performed to stop eZee NextGen Service:
1. Run cmd (Command Prompt) as administrator
2. Execute below command
sc queryex “ezee nextgen service”
3. You will get Process ID (PID) on the execution of the above command in Command Prompt.
4. Next, Execute below command

taskkill /f /pid <ProcessID>
Example: taskkill /f /pid 2056
Note: Below screenshot of “Command Prompt” is for your reference.

Screenshot 3:  Steps in Command Prompt.