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Print Form

Message: Sorry, You cannot settle receipt for Unauthorized KOT in eZee burrp


How to Access:
Kindly untick mark below option to solve this error.

Note: You can check this setting with all the terminals

If you are still getting error then run below tool on the machine and check
1. Close the software
2. Download Tool – 

3. Run as run as administrator
4. Now open software and check

Print Form

Error: Sorry, You cannot perform check in process. Reason: This room is in suspense status

Problem:  When you take check in from stay view, getting below error:
How to Resolve: Kindly close this all ezee software, Download this tool and exract it
And follow below steps:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Other solution:
A guest, in this previous date’s room is yet not checked out and the room is in Due Out stage.
Solution: Go to past date and search the due out  transaction, checkout the guest and then, will be able to take new reservation/check-in, in the same room.