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How to manage shift and it’s importance in eZee Optimus?

eZee Optimus facilitates shift management. Using shift management efficiently makes the cashier’s tasks very easy as when the user’s shift is over, they are just one click away to know the total amount collected by them, and it gives a bifurcation of payment received through different payment modes.


Step 1: You can enter Opening balance after login

Go to Order Summary  >>  Select Shift Management.

Step 2: When the user’s shift is over he/she has to close the shift so that when they come on the next day they can open a new shift with a new balance. To close the shift, click on end shift.

Pre-requisite: Permission to user to manage shift.

eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Setting >> User>>Edit User>>Manage Operation by shift should be enabled to manage shift.

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