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Message: Selected KOT is already in use in eZee Burrp 7.0?

Why you get ‘Selected KOT is already in use’, message on voiding KOT?
You have created a receipt of this KOT. So if the receipt generated of that particular KOT is not voided and before voiding the receipt you are voiding the KOT then you will get the above-mentioned message.

eZee Burrp >> Transaction >> KOT 

Screenshot 1: Getting Alert message ‘Selected KOT is already in use’.

Screenshot 2: To void the receipt we need to search the receipt number for the particular KOT.
Go to: eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Report view >> Transaction Report >> Receipt VS KOT >> enter the KOT number >> Fetch the report >> In the report you will get the receipt number for the particular KOT number.

Screenshot 3: Go to: eZee Burrp >> Transaction >> Receipt

Screenshot 4: Void the receipt of that particular KOT.

Screenshot 4: After voiding the receipt you will be able to void KOT successfully.

Screenshot 6: The KOT will be generated for voided items

Screenshot 7: Void Receipt Report

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Alert, another user on network has open this receipt (Transaction Lock) in eZee Burrp 7.0

Problem: I can not settled down receipt / KOT

How to Solve:
It is happened when same receipt is opened by another user from other machine. So receipt got locked.

eZee Burrp >> Settings >> Transaction Lock

User Privilege:
Property Information >> User Management  >> Delete System Netlock

Screenshot 1: Close the Dine in

Screenshot 2: 
Go to Settings

Screenshot 3: Go to Transaction lock

Screenshot 4: 
Unlock receipt / KOT

Now check your order type >> KOT or Receipt