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How to publish a Review on Booking Engine?

Refer to the below-attached video for the same.

How we can publish a review on the Booking Engine?

If you are looking to show the reviews on the booking engine then we have to publish a review from eZee Centri then that review will show on the Booking Engine to the guest.

Below are the steps you can see how we can publish a review.

Once you will click on the Guest review option you will see the all review published and unpublished.

In the above screenshot, we can see the published and unpublished review.

If the review is unpublished then click on the review so the review will be published and Wise Versa if you don’t want to show the review then you can unpublished it by clicking on the published review.

Note: On Booking engine only published review is showing.

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Replying for guest review on booking engine

Please refer attach Video for the same

How to reply to a  review submitted by guests on the Booking Engine?

Refer below steps:

A. Login into eZee Centrix   -> User -> Guest Reviews.


1-Click on  the 3 Line.
2- Click on the Guest reviews

B.  Refer the below screenshot,

3- Click on Review
4- select Hotel Reply
5- Enter the reply which you want to send to the guest.
6- And click on Reply.

Steps To see the reviews with the reply: 

Step -1: Click On Review Icon on Booking engine placed at Header.

Step – 2: Replies will be visible on the review page below the comment added by the customer.

Note: One of the Reviews should be published then we can see the Review Icon in the Booking Engine. If none of the Reviews are published then the guest will not see the Review icon.
Refer to the below link on how to publish a review on Booking Engine.

How to publish a Review on Booking Engine