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How to update password in eZee Reservation/eZee Centrix?

Refer  to the below-attached video for the same,

We can reset a password for a user from the system generated Admin user or from the user who has a right to change the password

Refer to the below-detailed steps:

1) Go to Username at the right top of the window.

2) Click on the User.

3) Click on the User on which are you looking to reset a password and click on the change password.

4) Enter a new password as per the hints which are you showing when entering a new password.

(If you want to see the password which is updating then enable the option as Show Password.

5) Click on Save to save the new Password.

Now the new password is updated on the User.

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How to change / reset password in eZee Optimus?

Reset Password: If you are lost admin password, you need to send an email to cm@ezeetechnosys.com  and retrieve password in reply.

User Password: Login with your administrator to reset the user password. You can change or reset password by following steps:

Step 1: Login to eZee Optimus and click on user name

Step 2: Enter old password and set new password

Admin can reset password for all the user by following steps.

Do visit on live chat support if you have any further queries for the eZee Optimus.
eZee Optimus Live chat Support

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