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How to do Table Reservation in eZee Burrp?

What is Table Reservation?

eZee Pos Backoffice >> Others >> Reservations

eZee POS Back Office >> Configuration >> Cost Center >> Outlet Operation >> Outlet >> Table Reservation Settings

User Privilege:
Food & Beverages >> Reservation  Operations >> Add Reservation , Edit Reservation , Void Reservation , No Show Reservation, Ability to Add Reservation  on occupied Table

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to reserve table

Screenshot 1: Active Table Reservation settings

Screenshot 2: Active Table Reservation settings
Screenshot 3: 
Active Table Reservation setting

Screenshot 4:
Choose Reserve table – Date,time & table no
Screenshot 5:
Add reservation details and order

Screenshot 6: Take action once guest walk in the POS

Screenshot 7: Table Reservation Report