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How discount (Rental Discount & Flat Discount)works in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is Folio Discount?
There are 2 kind of discount:

1. Rental Discount: Apply on nights
2. Flat Discount: Apply on final payment invoice

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Master >> Reason / Remark >> New  >> Category >> Discount

User Privilege:
Rental :
General Setting >> Allow to Give discount, Allow to give a percentage discount
General Setting >> Allow to Give Flat  discount

How to Access:
Please find the below steps for applying discount

Screenshot 1: You can set user wise discount setting (Optional)

Screenshot 2: 
Rental Discount
eZee Frontdesk >> Open Room >> Rate Information >> Apply Discount >> select Plan

Screenshot 3: Flat Discount
eZee Frontdesk >> Open Room >> Folio Summery >> Discount

Screenshot 4: Group Discount
eZee Frontdesk >>Front Office >> Booking List >> Group Option >> Group Discount

Screenshot 5:
Discount Detail Report
Arrival:  Display days specific arrival only for the discount.

Rental: Display day for all the room for which the rental(Checked -in) is getting applied

There are 2 discount types you can use which are as follows:
1. From the Rate information window:  This includes the Discount in % and Fixed amount discount which you can see under the Caption “Discount” on Discount Detail Report.
2. From Folio Summary window: This includes the Discount  in % and Fixed amount discount which you can see under the Caption “Flat Discount”  only if you have check marked the option ” Include Flat Discount”

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Guest Checked In Report

Path: Login into eZee Absolute >> Reports >> Front Office Report >> Please refer “Guest Checked In


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How can I pull out a report based on a business source? And a report that shows reservations made from Packages and Promotions in Ezee Absolute?

How to Access: In order to get Business Analysis Report please follow the below steps and video.

User Privilege: eZee absolute configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Reports >> Statistical Report >> Business Analysis.

Location: Login into eZee Absolute >> Reports >> (Under) Statistical Report >> Please refer “Business Analysis