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Which priviledges require to authorized PO?

In Purchase Order user can provide privileges to approve or reject Purchase Order.

1) Switch to Back

2) edit outlet in which you want to provide approval purchase order privilege from Other Settings. Refer above screenshot.

3) Once it’s done provide user-level privileges to whom you want to allow approval purchase order privileges.

4) Once provide above privileges to user and outlet levels system allow you to approve or reject PO from eZee Optimus Front.

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How to user can approve or reject Purchase Order from eZee Optimus Front?

As per provided privileges from eZee Optimus back base on Outlet and User level system allow to approve or reject purchase Order.

1) Add purchase order from Purchase Order tab from the inventory section.

2) Recall that purchase order by clicking on that Purchase order.

3) Once you recall purchase order you can view “Cancel, Approve, Reject and Save” tab.

4) As per the selected button, you can view purchase order status refer below screenshot.