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How to add the recipe of menu items and print it in KOT in eZee POS 7.0?

eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Outlet >> Item configuration >>  Recipe >> New

How to access:
Kindly follow the below steps.

Screenshot 1: Add the recipe & ingredients and save.

Screenshot 2: Add recipe in the menu item and save. 

Screenshot 3: Restart eZee Burrp: eZee Burrp >> Order Type >> Select the recipe mode >> select the menu item 

Screenshot 4: Select the separate template and check mark on Print recipe. After that, you will get 3 sections on left side namely recipe header, recipe details, recipe footer. Right click on each section and add the fields as per your requirement to show in KOT.

Screenshot 5: Restart Zee Burrp: eZee Burrp >> Order type >> Punch order >> Print & Finish

Screenshot 6: Print preview of KOT

Print Form

Items are getting failed by Importing Inventory items through Excel (CSV)?

One need to care about couple of things while importing inventory by excel.
1) Must have all the store items and menu items already created in the software. (If any new items are added in the file would not get added).
2) Unit of Menu Items AND unit of Store item, which are already assigned to particular item(s) MUST be the same. (Unit name should be same).
3) Name of menu item name and store item name should be similar, single space can cause a problem.