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How to setup KOT & Receipt printer in eZee Optimus?

  • What is a terminal & its use case? 

The terminal is basically used for device printing if we use multiple devices Like Android, Windows, and iOs so we have to create different terminals for different devices or locations.

We have to create Virtual devices in order to use or make terminals.

  • Available Virtual devices options :

  • Different connection types for different types of devices  : 

  • First Connection Type: Printer Service

(Note: we can say Universal connection type for all devices)

Note: For the “Printer service” connection type we need to install eZee Optimus Printer Service “EO Printer Service”  in the System. 

Installation Step 1: 

Installation Step 2: 

  • Disable Flags for several Browsers: 
  • For Chrome : chrome://flags/#block-insecure-private-network-requests
  • For Edge : edge://flags/#block-insecure-private-network-requests

  • Windows Firewall Exception :

  • How to create a terminal.
  • Virtual Device Creation: Go to settings >> Virtual Device >> Add Device.
    • Create a device
  • Terminal Configuration: Step-1

 Setting >>Go to Terminal >> Add >> Terminal Name >> Save

  • Terminal Configuration: Step 2: 

Go to Terminal >> Search Terminal Name >> Edit

  • Terminal Configuration: Step 3

The printer should be connected to the machine, must install printer drives and the test print should be working fine.

Use Cases

  • Case Type: 1

If the client is using multiple devices (windows, android, iOs) or a shared printer so we must configure it with the “Printer Service” connection type. 

Note: While configuring for Android devices we have to insert the system’s IP and that should be static.

  1. Machine IP address must be Fix / Static
  2. How to find a computer IP? (Click Here)
    How to set a fixed IP/Static IP? (Click Here)
  3. LAN/ WiFi/ Network printer/ USB connection should be there between the printer and the computer on which Optimus printing service is installed or the Printer and the computer should be in the same ethernet connection.
  4. If using a Mobile phone or Tablet for ordering, It should be connected through the wifi on the same network.
  • Case Type: 2

If the client wants to operate via “browser only”, in that case, we must configure it with the “Printer Service” connection type.

(Note: We  can use Universal IP address “”)

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