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How to reprint a receipt/bill in eO Rapidserve?

Sometimes a POS bill might fail to print properly which could be the result of printer issues like ink failure, the paper got stuck to the printer, etc.

Follow the below steps to reprint a receipt.


Print Form

How to set receipt printer in eZee POS Backoffice 7.0?

There are 3 different receipt printing settings available
1) Guest check
2) Receipt
3) Fiscal Receipt

eZee Burrp Back Ofice >> Tools >> Printer Template >> Windows or line printer >>Set  receipt template

1) Guest check: Guest check is one type of unsettled receipt which needs to be confirmed and signed by the guest visited the restaurant. The guest check includes the menu items, quantity,and the amount which the guest has ordered. Please find the below steps for the setting template for the same.

Note: Guest check can be printed as non fiscal. Also if the non fiscal is not avaible is the devise user can print the guest check on an normal printer.

Screenshot 1:  By using Order Type

Screenshot 2:  By using Burrp setting

2) Receipt:  Once receipt gets settled System will print Template set on Receipt printer.

Screenshot 1 By using order type

Screenshot 2: By using Burrp setting


Print Form

How to add printer in eZee frontdesk 7.0?

eZee frontdesk >> Click on right top 3 bullet points >> General settings >> Printer settings >> Set Printers

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to set printer

Note: If test print is not coming when click on Print Test Page, Please check with your IT engineer or Check weather Printer attached properly or not

Screenshot 1:
Click on Windows Start >> Go to Device and Printer >> Right Click on Printer >> Set default printer >>  Right Click on Printer >> Printer Properties >> Print Test Page


Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:
Settings >> Set Printer >> Save