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What to do if the printer is not printing?

Steps to check:

Step-1: Check that you have selected the correct terminal while login

Step-2: Check that pop-ups and redirects is “Allow”

Step-3: Clear cache and cookies once and try again

Step-4: Check that EOP Service is working in-tray

Step-5: Check that the printer is not paused

If the printer is paused then unpause it from below step:

Check if Test print is printing from printer properties

If the printer test print is not printing then check with the printer provider.

Step-6: Check that the IP is correct in the terminal for Network Printer

Computer IP from command prompt for USB Printer/Tablet Print

Step-7: Check that firewall is turned off on the computer as well as Antivirus. If still not getting the print, try uninstalling the antivirus and check

Step-8: For USB Printer/Tablet Printing

If the IP is correct and still not getting printed then check once with the network and internet settings in the control panel

Follow this path to perform the steps:
Network and sharing center >> Click on connections type >> Properties >> Double click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

If (Use the following IP address) is defined then select (Obtain and IP address automatically) and save it.

Then go to the command prompt type (ipconfig) and press enter note the latest Ipv4 Address IP and Enter it in the terminal.

Step-9: End Task the EOP service and Run as Administrator again

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