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How to configure POS2ABS / POS2PMS integration in eZee Burrp?

What is POS2ABS?
POS2ABS is used to post room charge from eZee Burrp (POS) to eZee Absolute (PMS)

eZee Burrp Backoffice >> 3 bullet points >> Option >> Integration

eZee Absolute >> Master >> General >> Extra Charge

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to do integration.

Room Posting option will be disabled from order type and it will be available from settlement option only after this integration

Screenshot 1: Add POS2PMS posting account from eZee Absolute

Screenshot 2:
Communication : https://live.ipms247.com/index.php/page/service.pos2pms

Screenshot 3:
POS2ABS Room Posting Report in Burrp Back Office

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How to get authentication key for POS2ABS?

Path: Login into eZee Absolute Configuration >> Settings >> Property >> Tax/Account Configuration >> Pos2Pms Posting  >> Click on “Need Your POS Account Auth Key?”   >> Collect authentication Key >> Save.

Screenshot 1: