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How to add expense voucher (Paid Out/ Staff Salary/ Agent Commission) in eZee Absolute 2.0?

Expense Voucher is hotelier’s accounts payable. It will allow you to enter all the expenses that the front office or the cashier does during the day. Expenses like newspaper bill, telephone charge, agent commission, Electricity Bill, etc.

How to Access: In order to add an expense voucher follow the below steps and video

Location: eZee absolute PMS >> Menu >> Cashiering tab >> Expense Voucher

Pre-requisite: eZee Absolute >> Go to Configuration >> Master >> General >> Pay outs

User Privilege: eZee absolute >> Go to Configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Access to expense Voucher

Screenshot 1:  First we need to add guest name in Guest database.

Screenshot 2: Menu >> Cashiering >> Expense Voucher >> Click on the “add new” button in the top right corner of the expense voucher.

Screenshot 3 : Search with the guest name which we have added in guest database and search with it.

Screenshot 4: Select Particular guest name and Done

Screenshot 5 : First we need to add charges. Once you add charges then add payment, payment mode and comment so that generated expense voucher balance update with zero. You can add multiple charges to if there are different different charges as well we can add payment with different different payment type if there are different settlements.

Screenshot 6: In Expense voucher Report and Daily receipt detail you can view that expenses detail

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How to add expense voucher ( Payout / Paid Out / Misc Sales ) in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Expense Voucher is nothing but accounts payable.  It will allow you to enter all the expenses that the front office or the cashier does during the day.

Pay Out: Hotel personal expense like newspaper bill, telephone charge
Paid Out Vouchers: Hotel paid out bills on behalf of the guest and added to the guest Invoice like Doctor fees paid, Medicines purchased, Cash against Creditcard
Misc Sales: Hotel get extra income in petty cash like sale of swimming costume, sale scrap of newspapers

eZee Frontdesk >> Back office >> Pay Out / Paid Out Voucher / Misc sale

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Configuration>> Extra Charge

Other settings >> Tick mark on payable for pay out / paid out
Other settings >> Tick mark on Receivable for Misc sales

How to Access:
Follow below steps to add expense voucher

1. Pay Out :
Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

2. Paid Out :
Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

2. Misc Sales :
Screenshot 5:

Screenshot 6:
Video: Misc Sales

Screenshot 7:
Daily Payable Vouche :
Payout / Paid Out Voucher
Daily Receivable Voucher : 
Misc Sales