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How to create reason for void in the eZee Optimus?

We can create a reason from the eZee Optimus back

Location: Switch to back >> Master >> Reason

Refer to the below screen-shot

You can mention the reason and then can select a type for which do you want to add the reason.

  • Void Payment:
    To void the payment from the Optimus front.
  • Void Order:
    To void the order from the Optimus front.
  • Void order item:
    If you want to void an item from the order then you can use this type.
  • Void Extra charge:
    To void Extra charge.
  • Cancel Order:
    To cancel the Order.
  • Void inventory Transaction:
    If you want to void the inventory transaction ex: created PO or GRN.
  • Void inventory transaction item:
    If you want to void the item from the transaction eX: if you want to void the item from the created PO or GRN (If you trying to reduce the item from the PO then you can void that item from the PO).
  • Preparation remark:
    To void the preparation remark.

Note: The reason for Each type is compulsory, you need to create a separate reason for all the type we can’t use the same reason for all type when you are trying to create a reason system will allow you to select only one type.

Privilege Required:

  • Back Office >> Reason

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How to enable the No charge module and how we can use it in eZee Optimus?

Outlet Configuration

Location: Back Office > Master > Outlet > Add/Edit

To activate No Charge for an outlet
Go to: Order Type Setting > No Charge > Activate No Charge.

You can also configure additional guest details to be asked when ordering a No Charge order.

No Charge orders will follow different receipt number sequence, which can be reset from the Numbering tab of the outlet configuration screen.

No Charge Account
Location: Back Office > Master > No Charge Account

User can configure No Charge Accounts from this new module.

How to create a No charge Account? please refer below link

Front Operation

No Charge Order
Location: Front Office > No Charge

When “No Charge” is activated for an outlet, you’ll see a “No Charge” module in the front navigation panel.

When initiating a No Charge order, the very first thing to specify is the No Charge Account in which the amount of order will be posted automatically when the order is saved.

The No-Charge module works in the same way as any other order modes work, except for the settlement part.  There will be no settlement option for No Charge order, as mentioned earlier, it automatically posts the order amount to the selected No Charge Account.

Other orders as No Charge
Front Office > Dine In/ Take-Away/ Room Service/ Delivery

User can also convert orders from different modes to No Charge orders.

On clicking the No Charge button, the user will be prompted to select the No Charge Account in which the amount will be posted.

NOTE: Only the bills which are unsettled and doesn’t have receipt number generated before, can be converted to No Charge.

User can see No Charge orders in the order summary screen’s Completed section and can also filter them.

Privilege Required:

  • Front Office >> No Charge

  • Back Office >> No Charge Account

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Do we have Physical Stock Taking Report in eZee Optimus?

Yes we have,

This report provides data for taking physical stock by item category or storage area. It helps a storekeeper to take a print out or export all information which is needed for stock counting.

A report has an option to include Book Stock field.

To get the report go to:  Front Office -> Report -> Stock Report -> Physical Stock Taking

and report looks like this way.