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How to settle a receipt/bill with multiple payment modes in eO Rapidserve?

Step 1: First you need to click on the order summary by clicking on three lines in the corner and see the running orders click on the order which you want to settle.

Step 2: Click on the first payment type in which you want to do the quarter of settlement click on the payment subtype then enter the amount by clicking on the C button to erase the amount and enter how much you want to add in the system with first payment type and then save the process.


Step 3: again select the payment type which you want to settle the remaining balance of the guest and as per the guest request you may settle the balance and save so it will settle the whole order with multiple payments.


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How to add rate configuration for different order types and change rate plan in eZee Optimus?

What is Rate Configuration?
Set up of  different price / rate for order type : dine-in (ac and non ac), take away etc. as per POS set up.

eZee Optimus >> Switch to Back >> Menu >> Rate Configuration >> Rate Plan >> Rate list

Step-1: Adda new Rate Plan (Rate List)

Step-2: Select the rate plan >> Click on Settings Icon

Select the field as PRICE, Click on f(x) and change the prices.

As per the above screenshot:

Field: From field, you have to select a type of update for the rate plan please refer below for details.
Price – To update the selling price of the items for the rate plan
Cost – To update the cost price of the items for the rate plan
Inclusive & Tax group – To define tax on items as tax inclusive or tax exclusive and which tax should be applied
Discountable – For here you can define is the item applicable for discount or not.
Open Price – From here you can define the minimum and maximum selling rates of the item.

Menu Group: This option is available to sort/filter the item according to menu group

Menu Subgroup: This option is available to sort/filter the item according to menu Subgroup

: It is used to Reset the data

f(X): This option is to define factors to the Item based on Field selected for an update.

Default: It shows an actual setting of the item

Rate (This will be your rate plan name): You have to update the rates according to your requirements under its section

Once your rates are configured for the rate plan please click on “Save” to save the setting.

Step 3: Set a rate plan / price setting for every order type in the Outlet

Step 4: Set a rate plan from the front on order type

Once the setting is updated as per the above steps then you are ready to take orders according to rate plan rates.

User Privileges: eZee Optimus >> Switch to Back >> Settings >> User >> Privilege

1) Access to Back Office

2) Rate Configuration & Change Rate Plan

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How to create reason for void in the eZee Optimus?

To void any operation, it’s must to mention the reason why a specific operation is void. Such reasons have to be mentioned in  eZee Optimus back-end.

Location: Switch to back >> Master >> Reason.

Refer to the below screen-shot

You can mention the reason and then can select a type for which do you want to add the reason.

  • Void Payment:
    To void the payment from the Optimus front.
  • Void Order:
    To void the order from the Optimus front.
  • Void order item:
    If you want to void an item from the order then you can use this type.
  • Void Extra charge:
    To void Extra charge.
  • Cancel Order:
    To cancel the Order.
  • Void inventory Transaction:
    If you want to void the inventory transaction ex: created PO or GRN.
  • Void inventory transaction item:
    If you want to void the item from the transaction eX: if you want to void the item from the created PO or GRN (If you trying to reduce the item from the PO then you can void that item from the PO).
  • Preparation remark:
    To void the preparation remark.

Note: The reason for Each type is compulsory, you need to create a separate reason for all the type we can’t use the same reason for all type when you are trying to create a reason system will allow you to select only one type.

Privilege Required:

  • Back Office >> Reason

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Do we have Physical Stock Taking Report in eZee Optimus?

Yes we have,

This report provides data for taking physical stock by item category or storage area. It helps a storekeeper to take a print out or export all information which is needed for stock counting.

A report has an option to include Book Stock field.

To get the report go to:  Front Office -> Report -> Stock Report -> Physical Stock Taking

and report looks like this way.


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How to create waiter/driver in eZee Optimus?



To create waiter/driver please refer below steps

Step-1: Switch to Back
(Path: Click on the user name >> Switch to Back)

Step-2: Go to Menu configuration >> Waiter >> Add Waiter
Click on the Add button (+) fill-up the waiter/driver details and select a particular role suitable for them.

Privilege required to perform this Operation:

1) Switch to back

2) Waiter.


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