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What is Var% in Night Audit Report?

Var% is a variance of your offered rates and normal rates.

nrml Tariff = Rates which we have configured or update = normal tariff

ofrd Tariff =  Rate on which we give the bookings, manual rates for booking = offered tariff

Formula for Var %:

if normal rate is 0 then var % = offered tariff * -100

otherwise var % = ((normal tariff – offered tariff) * 100 / normal tariff) * -1

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How to send send reports automatically upon night audit?

Activate email and reports from eZee Absolute Configuration, that will be sent automatically upon night audit.

Path: Login into eZee Absolute Configuration >> Settings >> General >> Print and Email Setting >> (Under) Send Reports On Night Audit >> (Checkmark) Preferred reports >> Enter email address-es in “Send To” >> Save.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2: