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How to resolve Trigger error in IRD Nepal in eZee frontdesk 7.0?

Error: I am not able to check in

How to Resolve:
Download below  tool and put into eZee folder and run it

Run this tool on server machine

To Remove IRD Triggers


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How to interface IRD Nepal in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

How to do Inland Revenue Department Interface (IRD) with eZee Frontdesk?

Screenshot 1: 

Screenshot 2: Add prefix to all invoice settings

Screenshot 3:
Country must be Nepal

Screenshot 4: 
Download and Extract Syncer.zip and put into ezee folder

1. Syncer.exe will start automatically when eZee FD or eZee BurrP! Will be started.
2. It will run in background, you can check in Task Manager
Syncer will send data to IRD using IRD API
Response Codes

  • 100 : API credentials do not match 
  • 101 : Bill already exists 
  • 102 : Exception while saving bill detail 
  • 103 : Unknown exceptions
  • 104 : Model invalid 
  • 105 : Bill does not exist (for Sales Return / Void)
  • 200 : Success