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How to create customize menu items with add-ons or extra choices in eZee Optimus?

What is Modifier Item?
For example, if you’re selling a sandwich, you may want to give customers the option to customize sandwich toppings. These options are called Modifiers. Modifiers allow you to customize orders and provide options for your customers with just a click of a button in eZee Optimus.

Category: Tikka
Menu Item: Crocodile Tikka
         1. Modifier 1: Accompaniments (Boiled Potatoes, Parsley Potatoes, Roast Potatoes)
         2. Modifier 2: Sauces (Arturo Seafood Sauce, Aglio Olio, Pepper Corn Sauce)

eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Menu >> Item >> Modifier

eZee Optimus >> Switch to back >> Menu >> Item
Link: How to create a menu item in eZee Optimus?


Output: View Lay out
How to Access:
Please follow below steps to add modifier in menu group

Step 1: Add modifier group and item

Step 2:  Add modifier groups to menu item

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How to add menu items in eZee Optimus?

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How to add open item and get open item report in eZee Optimus?

What is Open Item?
An Open Item is an empty product listing that allows the server to enter a custom name and price for the item which is not present in the list of menu items or special orders.

eZee Optimus >> Go to Back >> Outlet >> Item >> Add Menu item

How to Access:
Please find the below steps for making an item open


Step 1: Add menu item as open Item and checkmark on Ask name,Item Name can be changeYou may refer the below screenshot for the same
Step 2 Check mark on Open Price, Item Price can be change under price range
Step 3: Add item in the menu management

Step 4: Now Go to front and take order with open item, you can change item name

Step 5Enter Price of menu item.

Step 6: Open Item Report:  Menu Item Sales Details

Do visit on live chat support if you have any further queries for the eZee Optimus.
eZee Optimus Live chat Support

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Privilege to create or edit menu item in eZee POS BackOffice 7.0

eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Configuration >> User Configuration 

How to access:
Please refer the below steps.

Screenshot 1:  User Role Configuration >> Privilege >> Checkmark Master Configuration >> Save

Screenshot 2: eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Configuration >> User Configuration >> User Operation >> Edit >> Privilege >> Checkmark Master Configuration >> Save

To apply this configuration restart eZee POS BackOffice.

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How to Change Unit of Menu Item in POS Burrp 7.0 ?

System generates KOT when we punch an order from Dine IN, and KOT icon appears on table.

More KOT related operations appears when click on Table again (Icon (Notepad + Pen) indicates Table is in KOT mode.) such as modification in the order, reprint KOT, to transfer Order to another table, see the receipt preview.


Edit KOT : is used when want to change in the order, such as Item, qty, etc.

Order punching window gets open when click on edit to perform modification.

Order punching window does have couple options for the modification.

Change Unit :  Changing Unit of the selected item

Item which gets sell in one than 1 unit can be changed from the option.

For an example, item Absolute Vodka gets sell in 30 ML and 60 ML, either unit can be selected using the option.