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How to settle a receipt/bill with multiple payment modes in eO Rapidserve?

Step 1: First you need to click on the order summary by clicking on three lines in the corner and see the running orders click on the order which you want to settle.

Step 2: Click on the first payment type in which you want to do the quarter of settlement click on the payment subtype then enter the amount by clicking on the C button to erase the amount and enter how much you want to add in the system with first payment type and then save the process.


Step 3: again select the payment type which you want to settle the remaining balance of the guest and as per the guest request you may settle the balance and save so it will settle the whole order with multiple payments.


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How to change payment mode, if bill is settled with wrong settlement/payment mode in eO Rapidserve?

Step 1: First you need to click on the order summary and see the completed orders click on the order which is settled by mistake to see the details as follows

Step 2: You need to click on the dustbin icon to delete the wrong settlement payment type in order to settle the same again with the correct payment type, it will ask you to choose the reason to void the settlement, once you choose settlement will be voided.

Step 3: Click on the settle button as follows and select the correct payment method to settle the order again, select the payment method from the subcategory of payment type as follows.

Step 4: Final steps you can select the save button to save the settlement type and settle the order with the correct settlement type, and you can see both settlement type in red color voided settlement type and black with the correct payment type.

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How to reprint a KOT in eO Rapidserve?

Once the order placed (finished) also we can re-print a KOT for that order.
Below are the steps you can see how we can in Rapid Serve App.

Screenshot 1: Login into the Rapid serve App and go to the Order summary by click on 3 line  


Screenshot 2:
Click on the order.

Screenshot 3:

User Privilege

For reprint, the KOT user should have the right for ” Reprint KOT “refer to the below screenshot

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How to change the quantity of an item after the order is placed in eO Rapidserve?

Once the order is placed we can change the item Quantity in Rapid Serve App.

Refer to the below details on how we can change the quantity of the item once we finished the order.

Screenshot 1: Login into the Rapid serve App and go to the Order summary by click on 3 line 

Screenshot 2:
Click on the order.

Screenshot 3:

User Privilege

If the user is unable to change the item quantity or unable to recall the order then we have to give rights to a user from the admin user in Optimus Back.

In the above screenshot, we can see the privileges.

IF you are looking to see the privilege for Edit function then edit the user and below privileges, there is empty space where we can write edit, So all the edit right will show to us and we can select those rights and click on edit.

Note: once we changed in the backed under the user then please ask the user to re-login and try. For Optimus 2.0 also you need to login in Optimus browser.


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How to take an order in Dine-In in eO Rapidserve?

Step 1: Click on three lines(Navigation Button) in the top left corner, and Click on dine-in to take an order.

Step 2: Select and click on the table to take an order. it will then redirect the user to add the waiter, guest name and pax information on the table.

Step 3: Select the items and click on “PLUS ICON” and the selected items will add in the cart. Click on the cart and select finish to place the order.

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How to split the receipt/bill in eO Rapidserve?

Step 1: You can split the order when the order is running, click on order from the order summary as follows:


Step 2: By clicking on Basket icon you may open the options and click on split order option refer from the screenshots below, for take away you can split by category or equally.

Step 3: Click on dine-in by click on three lines in the corner and click on running tables as follows.



Step 4: Once you clicked on any of the above options it will split the order according to split equally option will ask you to split the order between receipt 2 to 5 so once you enter it will split and other option will automatically split the orders according to and split orders can be seen in order summary screen.

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How to apply Bulk Item / Category Discount in eO Rapidserve?

There are two types of discount one is order level discount and the second one is an item-level discount, this can be applied by following the below-mentioned steps in the Rapidserve app.

Step 1: You can add the same while taking any order or if the order is running follow the below screenshots for the same.

Step 2: Slide on the item on the right-hand side, then click on three lines as follows:

Step 3: Select the Discount Option, click on it so it will give you a list of item level discount orders. Bulk item discount option appears only if there are more than 1 items in the order.

Step 4: The discount will be applied on the item and it will show the bifurcation for the same. Discount can be removed also if it has been applied by mistake. Select the discount and click on delete option to remove the discount.

Step 5: Below procedure will guide you to apply the discount on the whole order, it will give you an option once you click on more for applying the discount at the order level.

Do visit on live chat support if you have any further queries for the eZee Optimus.
eZee Optimus Live chat Support

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How to take an order and settle in eO Rapidserve?

In mobile application Rapidserve, we can take orders by following the below steps.0

Login with eZee Optimus mobile app Rapidserve, select the outlet & terminal and select order type like Dine In / Take away / Room service 

Step 1: Click on the navigation button on the top left corner, then select the order type like Dine-In, Take Away or Room Service. In Dine-In the user has to select the table first and then the user can punch the items.

Step 2: Click on the “+” Sign to add the items.

Step 3: After adding the items, Go to “CART” as mentioned in the below screen shot and Click on Finish, upon clicking finish the KOT(Kitchen Order Ticket) will print from the printer. Select “Settle” option to settle the bill.

Step 4: After clicking the settle button, select the payment mode like Cash, Card etc, enter the amount received from the guest and click on save button and it will show the change due message at the end.

Do visit on live chat support if you have any further queries for the eZee Optimus.
eZee Optimus Live chat Support  

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eZee Burrp Lite Application

What is Burrp Lite application?
eZee BurrP! Lite is a restaurant management app that simplifies operations, save time, and provide personalized service to their customers. It is integrated with eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS system and synced data vice a versa.

Mobile/Tablet specifications(Minimum):

  • Android version: Android 5.0 – Lollipop
  • Available with Android  Application Only (Not available with MAC/iOS)
  • RAM Size: 2 GB
  • Resolution: 800 X 1280

Installation Requirement:

  • eZee Burrp application worked on or above version
  • Need Fix /Static IP address on the server machine
  • Tablet/Mobile device and eZee Burrp server machine (where eZee Light Service is installed) must be under same wireless network
  • i.e. Download “Ping” application from Google Play Store and enter IP address of eZee Burrp machine where eZee Light Service is installed to check connectivity
  • Turn off firewall in eZee Burrp machine or add advance rules

Note: Currently it is not support any credit card interface or other payment gateway.

Printer Setting:  eZee Burrp terminal printer setting applicable to application

License: Burrp lite services need one time license (Based on tablet/mobile device count)

How to do interface of Burrp Application:

  • Install eZee Light Service in the burrp terminal (Prefer server machine) in the  eZee Application Path
  • Start eZee Light Service as run as administrator
  • Install eZee Burrp Mobile Application in Tablet/Mobile Device and enter Service IP address display with eZee Light Service (See in the screenshot)
    You need to approve the device from eZee POS Back Office >> 3 Bullet Points >> Mobile Devices >> Request Device >> Approve

You can login to application with burrp credentials

User Privilege: eZee Burrp Lite App User Privilege

Manual: eZee Burrp Lite App User Guide