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How to add guest message in eZee frontdesk 7.0?

What is Guest Message?
Here you can put any guest related message for a guest

eZee Frontdesk >> Front Office >> Guest Message

How to access:
Please follow below steps to set message

Screesnshot 1:

Screesnshot 2: 
Guest Message Report – Here undelivered message will be displayed

Note: Please make a note that If the guest message has been marked as a delivery, it will not display into guest message report

Screesnshot 3: When you open room, you will find out guest messgae pop up icon to deliver message to the guest


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How to view multiple units on menu item while taking order in eZee Burrp 7.0?

eZee Burrp Back Office >> Outlet >> Item Configuration >> Menu Item >> Search Item >> Edit >> Price and BOM >> New >> Add Unit >> Save

Screenshot 1:
How to add a new unit in the menu item.

Screenshot 2:
eZee Burrp Back Office >> 3 Bullet Point(Top right corner) >> Option >> Display
In order to view multiple units, please check mark on unit selection settings and save it. Please restart eZee Burrp to apply settings.

Screenshot 3: