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How to post manual Room charges to guest in eZee Absolute?

In some cases what happened was the guest booked for a few days but due to some reason he checked out 1 or 2 days before but we need to take full payment from the guest.

If the guest checked out before few days we have to amend the stay of the guest due to which the room charges and payments are not balanced so in that case, we can post the manual room to charges to the guest Folio by which the Payments and room charges will be balanced.

Refer to the below information on how we can post the manual room charges on Guest Folio.

Path: Edit Transaction  >>  Folio Operations >> More >> Room Charges >> Room Charges >> Room Charges Amount >> Add

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eZee Burrp Training Manuals & Operational Videos

Burrp Manuals:
eZee POS Burrp 7.0

eZee POS Back Office 7.0

eZee Back Office Inventory Module 7.0

Burrp Training Video:

Burrp Level 1 Training: https://youtu.be/OiUvEMw3SBE

Burrp Level 2 Training:  http://youtu.be/A17LUxAC6Kw?hd=1

Stock & Inventory Training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWSy6qQkwpMlrNXKcn_50IfqjP8TuZoRQ

Burrp Operational Videos:

1 How to add Menu item in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/T7EKRvdA7BU?hd=1
2 How to take away order in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/T0HHeyo9r8c?hd=1
3 How to take a Dine in order in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/WQEgnW8P9I4?hd=1
4 How to settle dine in inder in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/dI0IT9KKkmE?hd=1
5 How to settle receipt eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/1US113J3TIM?hd=1
6 How to set up KOT and Receipt Printer in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/HmLfLUFCwiw?hd=1
7 How to post room service order in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/0asNuolmeEk?hd=1
8 How to performing Day Close in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/69WUDLCPeX8?hd=1
9 How to make No charge Bill in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/PpS7SwcZoMc?hd=1
10 How to Split a bill in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/LTeHCot9gbw?hd=1
11 How to Apply discount in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/KBlLTXdGyvU?hd=1
12 How to take Delivery order in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/KP4PbAeCkss?hd=1
13 How to create a Menu group and Subgroup in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/oYu6_njKiQ4?hd=1
14 How to create a discount type user right for Discount in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/dMPkI_rxzSo?hd=1
15 How to create credit account, Posting, and clear outstanding balance in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/NoPl2c28g4o?hd=1
16 How to change a menu item Price in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/hbbgHIQJrsY?hd=1
17 How to add a Menu item in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/GaMAUv5t5wI?hd=1

Inventory & Store Operational Video

1 What is Market List in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/AFsGO3at-x8?hd=1
2 How to do physical stock taking and inventory adjustment in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/-otdjFtxWi4?hd=1
3 How to make store indent in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/JbSS_NyMlAU?hd=1
4 How to add an intermediate item in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/EShye4Rv7LU?hd=1
5 How to create a vendor account in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/HGO_tqGOSTE?hd=1
6 How to create a BOM For Menu item in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/bwrB_3eCTc8?hd=1
7 How to create a Store in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/IkTjl3wk380?hd=1
8 How to make Purchase order in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/b1Vlye27iRY?hd=1
9 How to add vendor payments and related reports in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/DUQN1BIKMSU?hd=1
10 How to add Inventory Consumption in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/yxR2KkSH7KU?hd=1
11 How to check Inventory Reports in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/hWgY5Pqu-OQ?hd=1
12 How to issue voucher in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/GhMQeTV8mUo?hd=1
13 What is manufacturing in eZee Burrp? http://youtu.be/Gh7PA840IjU?hd=1

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eZee Frontdesk Manuals and Operational Videos

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eZee Frontdesk Manuals and Operational Videos

eZee Frontdesk Manuals:

eZee Frontdesk Manual 7.0

eZee Frontdesk 7.0 Configuration

eZee Frontdesk Modules Manuals:

Laundry Module_Version7

Housekeeping Module_Version7

iHK/iMinibar manual

eZee Frontdesk Training Video:

FD Configuration:  http://youtu.be/q9Aww1ObKuI?hd=1
FD :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apHsVSYwYYI&feature=youtu.be

Frontdesk Operation Training Videos:

Exploring the types of views in eZee FrontDesk http://youtu.be/6m9iTNsG9pM?hd=1
How to make a booking in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/DAULbGVztT8?hd=1
How to allocate a room in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/h-A1K5tC-F8?hd=1
How to perform group check-in in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/jKg223x4SKw?hd=1
How to void a booking in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/SE9BTSeF3k4?hd=1
How to make a reservation in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/yc5b9HnWrL8?hd=1
How to check-in a guest from a reservation in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/Yy1LMBX1cIg?hd=1
How to void a reservation in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/K3_IFUiWpDk?hd=1
How to take a walk-in in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/wqMURxJuqh4?hd=1
How to undo a check-in in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/W9IpSYfCGmA?hd=1
How to record and process payments in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/B6h79DxkExM?hd=1
How to check out the guest in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/jwYZfD1KI6s?hd=1
How to cancel a reservation and booking in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/sJ2WZ68MmJM?hd=1
How to activate a canceled and no-show booking in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/BVjYkL3WbIE?hd=1
How to activate a canceled and no-show reservation in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/wGjpQbWEQ-s?hd=1
How to insert transactions in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/24vDIMFy_pA?hd=1
How to block rooms for sale (Out of Order) in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/-chaegmeomg?hd=1
How to manage extra charges in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/U8zygvfV4ak?hd=1
How to perform the night audit in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/HrCX5YmkP7Y?hd=1
How to use pay-in and pay-outs in eZee FrontDesk http://youtu.be/cph0w9YUgfI?hd=1
What are miscellaneous sales & how to record them in eZee FrontDesk? http://youtu.be/qAVzM5S-wsE?hd=1

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eZee Burrp Training Manuals & Operational Videos

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How to take manual database backup in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is Database Backup?
Database backup is the process of backing up the stored data of software. It will back up of our data.

Click on right top 3 bullet points >> Database Backup

User Privilege:
eZee Front desk Configuration >> Configuration  >> Select User >> Edit >> Operational Privilege >> Database Back Up

How to access:
Please follow below steps to take database backup

Follow below steps to take database backup on  server machine only. Do not set path with Drive C:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2: Set database backup path then click on back up button



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