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How to send Proforma Invoice for bookings at Maldives in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Why Maldives need Proforma Invoice for booking?
When client pay advance credit for the booking, Hotelier have to pay that tax before are receiving the Govt tax, So with this Proforma Invoice help them to get tax.
(Only Applicable to Maldives)

eZee Front Desk >> Front Office >>  New Booking

User Privilege:
Reservation/Booking >> Add Booking

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to get Proforma Invoice

Screenshot 1: Edit booking to check Proforma Invoice
Screenshot 2:
Here you can send Proforma

Screenshot 3:
Proforma List Report

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How to Green Tax Report (Monthly Occupancy Report) works for Maldives in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Monthly Occupancy Report: is based on Rental (In house guest). It will show total No. of Rooms for guest staying on selected date and No. of PAX accordingly.

Example: Lets check for 1st of march, Monthly Occupancy report says:
Local Guest: 3 Rooms  & 5 Pax
Tourist  = 17 Rooms & 38 Pax
Work Permit Holder = 2 Rooms & 3 Pax
Total = 22 Rooms & 46 Pax were In house on 1st March (Please refer below screenshot)

Let’s check In house guest list with guest ledger: it holds In house, Checked In, Checked Out, Day use and Future In house option as well.

When I check Guest Ledger with In house filter for 1st March, it got 22 Rooms (Folios including sharer)

Now, lets check with Green Tax report. When I pull for March it shows total 739 records (Guest Registration card) which includes sharer information as well.

Now big question for me is when I pull the report for March, why would report shows any other month detail. For an example, if you see on Check In Column, you would find it shows Feb as Arrival date. (Refer the screenshot)

Now, when I check Checked out column, I found all the date are between 1st to 24th March.

Another question, when my working date is 22nd and Green Tax for Month march why it is showing till 24th. (Transaction with 24th date is yet to check out)

That simply means, Green Tax report gives me all the transactions happen during the month either Arrival or Departure.

1) So green Tax is based on your arrival during 1st to last date.
2) Also includes any departure on 1st to last date on the month.

Lets check with it the numbers for 1st march:

Green Tax Arrival has 37 records whereas departure has none. Now Guest ledger should show me 37 transaction . (Refer the screenshot)

Guest ledger shows number of folios. When I checked, I found room 704 has 3 folios. 1 Folio on master guest and 2 folios on sharer name. So basically it is 37 guests


When we have 1 report based on In house guest and another based on arrival and departure, will always have variance on no of Rooms and PAX.

Above example shows Monthly occupancy has 22 Rooms (46 PAX) on 1st Whereas Green Tax has 17 room (37 PAX).   

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How to add Green Tax for Maldives in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is the Green Tax in Maldives?
In Maldives,

Green Tax is calculated as $3/pax/night for a guest house and $6/pax/night for hotels & resorts. (It is not applied 1.99 below age child)

  • This green tax is applicable only on Tourist if they stay more than 12-hour rule, System will check whether the guest is Tourist, Local or Work Permit Holder. 

    If Guest type is Tourist, Green Tax will be applied
    If Guest type is Local or  Work permit holder , Green Tax will NOT be applied

    If nothing is selected, the system will treat that it is not a tourist so automatic exempted

How does it work in Frontdesk?
There will be one button under Folio Detail named as “Under Green Tax” which will calculate the Green Tax as per MIRA.

How to Access:
Follow below steps to add tourism tax:

Screenshot 1: Add Guest Type – Tourist, Local Maldivians, Work permit holder 

Screenshot 2: Now add green tax in tax setup

Screenshot 3:
Add Green Tax as 3$ amount for Adult & Child

Screenshot 4:

Screenshot 5:
When you take booking and change  check-in-check-out details & guest type,  must have to press “Update Green Tax” button.

For Example: Previously, Guest Type is Tourist and you change to Local, so the system needs to re-calculate the Tax again, so again the button needs to be pressed.

Screenshot 6: Green Tax Report

Monthly Occupancy Report is based on Rental (In house guest). That simply means it will show total number of rooms for guest staying on selected date and Number PAX accordingly

Example: Lets check for 1st of march
Local Guest: 3 Rooms  & 5 Pax   (Green Tax is not applied)
Tourist: 17 Rooms & 38 Pax
Work Permit Holder: 2 Rooms & 3 Pax (Green Tax is not applied)
Total = 22 Rooms & 46 Pax

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