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How to hold item and fire item in eZee Burrp 7.0?

Hold item and Fire item are basically the communication between the restaurant and the kitchen. Suppose the guest orders 3 items(soup, meat, and dessert). Now the guest requests to serve soup first, followed by meat and dessert.

Hold Item: Hold operation is used to hold a particular item by not displaying these items in KOT. Thus the kitchen staff will not prepare these items as this is not mentioned in the KOT sent by the restaurant.  In this case, it will hold meat and dessert.
Fire Item: Fire operation is used to unhold the items, which means using this operation the item is to be served to the guest, by first generating its KOT with the help of which the Kitchen staff will prepare the item. In this case, it will fire meat first and then dessert.

User Privilege:
Food & Beverages >> KOT Operations >>  ability to hold Item/ fire item.

Screenshot 1: Select the item >> Click on the icon highlighted as ‘2’ >> Hold item >> Enter the time in minutes until which item should be on hold.
Repeat the same steps to hold ice cream.

Screenshot 2
: Hold items will not be displayed on KOT, so the kitchen will get the information only to prepare the soup in this case.

Screenshot 3: There are 3 ways to Fire item:
1.  You can directly click on the item on hold icon.

2. Or else click on the table >> Fire item

3. Select the hold item >> Click on the icon highlighted as ‘2’ >> Fire item >> Print & Finish

Screenshot 4: Select the item >> Fire

Screenshot 5: After you fire the item it will generate the KOT and then the kitchen will start preparing the item. In the same way, you can fire the 3rd item(ice cream).


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Privilege to create or edit menu item in eZee POS BackOffice 7.0

eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Configuration >> User Configuration 

How to access:
Please refer the below steps.

Screenshot 1:  User Role Configuration >> Privilege >> Checkmark Master Configuration >> Save

Screenshot 2: eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Configuration >> User Configuration >> User Operation >> Edit >> Privilege >> Checkmark Master Configuration >> Save

To apply this configuration restart eZee POS BackOffice.

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How to configure tax in eZee POS BackOffice 7.0?

eZee Burrp Backoffice >> Outlet >> Item configuration >> Advance Configuration

How to access:
Kindly follow the below steps to add tax

Note: This tax setting is applied instantly with new order (KOT)

Screenshot 1:  Configure tax caption.
eZee Burrp Back office >> 3 colons on top right corner >> Option >> Localization >> Tax Caption >> Save.

Screenshot 2: Configure the tax on items.

Screenshot 3: All the selected item’s tax will be configured as below.

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How to view multiple units on menu item while taking order in eZee Burrp 7.0?

eZee Burrp Back Office >> Outlet >> Item Configuration >> Menu Item >> Search Item >> Edit >> Price and BOM >> New >> Add Unit >> Save

Screenshot 1:
How to add a new unit in the menu item.

Screenshot 2:
eZee Burrp Back Office >> 3 Bullet Point(Top right corner) >> Option >> Display
In order to view multiple units, please check mark on unit selection settings and save it. Please restart eZee Burrp to apply settings.

Screenshot 3:

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How to add outlet menu item (Import & manual) in eZee POS Backoffice 7.0?

What is Menu Item?
Menu Items are items sold at restaurants.

eZee POS Back Office>> Outlet>> Item Configuration>> Menu Item>> New

Pre- requisite:
eZee Burrp BackOffice >> Configuration >> User Configuration >> User Operation >> Edit >> Privilege >> Checkmark Master Configuration >> Save

Manual: Below is the video for reference.

Import Menu Item:

Active / Inactive Items:

Report: Transaction report – Menu Item report.


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How to Change Unit of Menu Item in POS Burrp 7.0 ?

System generates KOT when we punch an order from Dine IN, and KOT icon appears on table.

More KOT related operations appears when click on Table again (Icon (Notepad + Pen) indicates Table is in KOT mode.) such as modification in the order, reprint KOT, to transfer Order to another table, see the receipt preview.


Edit KOT : is used when want to change in the order, such as Item, qty, etc.

Order punching window gets open when click on edit to perform modification.

Order punching window does have couple options for the modification.

Change Unit :  Changing Unit of the selected item

Item which gets sell in one than 1 unit can be changed from the option.

For an example, item Absolute Vodka gets sell in 30 ML and 60 ML, either unit can be selected using the option.