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How to post inclusion extra charge in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is Inclusion?
Inclusion is extra charge that does not include in room tariff. This is optional services as room service, mini bar, snacks or telephone calls and added in folios.

Inclusion will be charge on below conditions:
at the time of some instance like check in, check out, every day etc so that can be considered as inclusion.”

User Privilege:
User Role >> General Settings >> Allow to Add Inclusion, Allow to edit Inclusion, Allow to void Inclusion

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Configuration >> Extra Charges  >> New/Edit >> Check Mark Always Charge >> Select Post type/ QTY Type

How to Access:
Follow below steps to add inclusion

Screenshot 1:

Room Type: Choose room type if you want apply on any
Post Type:

Check In & Check out: will apply on check in and check out
Every Day: Inclusion will apply every day

Every Day Except Check-In:  Inclusion will apply every day but not apply on check in day
Every Day Except Check Out: Inclusion will apply every day but not on check Out day
Every Day Except Check In and Check Out: Inclusion will apply every day but not on Check In and check out day

  1.  Alternate Day : You can insert the count of the number of alternative days and accordingly it will post the charges on those days only (eg. Guest Stay for 5 Nights and Alternative days are set as 1 then it will post the inclusion on 1st 3rd and 5th Night only)

2.Special: Inclusion will posted on selected numbers of days and date then we can use this inclusion to satisfy the guest request.

On Check In:  Inclusion will apply only on Check In
On Check Out: Inclusion will apply only on Check Out

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3: Inclusion report

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How to post inclusion (Tourism Tax for Malaysia) in night audit in eZee Frondesk 7.0?

eZee Frontdesk  >> Open room >> Extra Charge >> Inclusion

1.eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Configuration >> Extra Charge >> Tourism Tax
2. eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> Rental >> Reservation/Checkin/Booking Mandatory Settings >> Check-In Setting  >> Address
3. eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Configuration >> User >> Edit >> Other Settings >> Language >> Custom 1

How to Access:
Follow below steps to post tourism tax:

Screenshot 1:
Add TTx everyday except checkout  in inclusion when guest is belong from out of Malaysia

Screenshot 2:

You have to post inclusion everyday in night audit

Screenshot 3:
Inclusion is posted on every night audit

Screenshot 4:
3 night’s tourism tax is applied here

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