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What is iFeedback and systerm requirement?

eZee iFeedback is customer feedback Management system through which you can effectively collect reviews, Opinion or any Data that is important so using iFeedback you can create Surveys, and Reviews through multiple sources like, Tablet Surveys, website Surveys, Smartphones surveys, Hotel and Restaurant App, Touchscreen Kiosks etc.You can customize the surveys and questions according to your own organization type and Mgt. Style.eZee iFeedback is interfaced with eZee FD and eZee Burrp! The PMS & POS from eZee.

Product Platform Database Language
eZee iFeedback  Linux  MySQL  PHP, JavaScript  System English, Survey Multi-Lingual
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How to Interface of eZee iFeedback with eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

 What is iFeedback ?

eZee iFeedback is cloud based customer feedback management and can interfaced with eZee FD and eZee Burrp. We can shoot an email or SMS to the guest to collect guest preference, opinions, review or any data.

Screentshot 1: eZee Frontdesk configuration >> Advance setting >> Email

Screentshot 2: Login to iFeedback with below link – 

Screenshot 3: Make  or create a survey 

Screenshot 4: Select the survey and publish it
Screenshot 5: Copy the second last code that is company key for all the survey 
Screenshot 6:
Feed into frontdesk configuration

eZee Frontdesk configuration >> Advance setting >> Integration >> iFeedback Integration >> Fill the details >> Save
Credentials: User ID & Password as same as used to login for iFeedback
Company Code: Got from survey publish button
Interface URL: http://web.ezeeifeedback.com/service/servicecontroller.php

Screenshot 7: Configure the Notification for different operation from below list

Screenshot 8: Choose one guest from eZee Front desk and do Check out, and make sure to enter Email address of the guest in order to send an email for feedback.

Screenshot 9: Guest will get survey email on the entered email

Screenshot 10: Guest will click on link to fill survey