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How to set GST registration number on the receipt in eZee Burrp 7.0?

eZee Burrp Backoffice >> Tools >> Print Template >> Receipt Template

How to access:
Kindly follow the below to add GST no. on the receipt

Screenshot 1:  Add GST Number

Windows Template
Screenshot 2:
Add registration no which have GST number

Screenshot 3: 
Restart your burrp and check receipt

Line Template
Screenshot 4: Tick mark on registration no. which have GST number

Screenshot 5:  Restart your burrp and check receipt

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How to add guest GST number in eZee Absolute?

Sometimes guests demanding his GST no. to be print in this hotel invoice no to apply To add any Indian Customer GST number in Folio, that can be done from the folio detail tab.

How to Access: In order to add guest GST no.  follow the below steps.

Screenshot 1: eZee absolute >> Stay view >> select guest transaction and click on edit Transaction option >> Folio Details >> Folio Operations >> Click on + Icon in Operations and GST number.

Applied GST No. is visible in guest folio as shown below Guest Invoice screenshot.

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How to add guest GSTIN on the invoice in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

eZee Front desk >>  Edit transaction/room >> Guest Information

How to Access:
You have to add GSTIN in guest information as per below screenshot

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3: Don’t keep any bill to when you want to display guest GSTIN

Screenshot 4:

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How to configure GST Tax for India in eZee Frontdesk?

What is Tax Slab?
Hotelier collect below mentioned tax slab when any guest accommodation services.

Note: New Tax will be apply after night audit.

How to Access:
Please follow below steps to configure tax slab

Screenshot 1: Add Tax Caption

Screenshot 2: 
Check your Tax Advance Settings

Screenshot 3:
Configure Tax Slab

FYI, India Tax Slab:
Rates                                 Tax
0-1000                               0% Tax will be applied on rates
1001-7500                        12% Tax will be applied on rates
7501-Unlimited               18% Tax will be applied on rates

0-1000.99 – 0%
1001-7599.99 – 6%
7501 – 1000000000 – 9%

0- 1000.99   – 0%
1001- 7599.99   – 6%
7501 – 1000000000 – 9%



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