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How to send an Invoice for Group Reservation?

If there is group reservation and guest is asking for an invoice on email then we can send an invoice to the guest/group booking from the software. make sure the email ID should be updated on that booking.

How to access: In order to send an invoice to the group booking refer to the below-detailed information and paths to perform the steps.

Location: eZee Absolute front office  >>  Group  >>  Group reservation  >>  Edit  >>  Folio  >>  Send invoice  >>  Send.

Screenshot1: Go to Group Reservation >> Edit Group Reservation

If the Group Reservation is inhouse and departed then we have to choose the option to see the group reservation as per the there status.

Screenshot2: Edit Group >> Folio >> Send Invoice

Screenshot3: Select individual or Group and then click on Send

Individual: An Invoice will send to each member of a group reservation on email.

Group: If we select a Group then the Invoice will send to a group owner on email.

Print Form

How to print group invoice or receipt from Ezee Absolute?

To Print Group Invoice, Group receipt or send an invoice to the group, follow the below path and screenshot.

How to Access: In order to print group invoice or receipt please follow the below steps.

Screenshot 1: eZee absolute >> Group >> Group Reservation >> Edit Group >> Folio >> Print Group Invoice or Receipt

Invoice templet configuration:

Pre-requisition: eZee absolute Configurations >> General >> Print and Email Settings >> Group Invoice Template