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How to add virtual room in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is Virtual Room?
Virtual Room that does not physically exist but made by software to appear. The room will not be available for sale, we can use it for hotel staff use.

John is going to checkout from Room 101 with luggage and Robin is willing to check-in on same room at the same time .

John is facing payment issue so check out is not possible without ZERO balance 
Here, we can shift John into the virtual room and Mark can check-in into the actual room.

Note: Virtual Room is counted as one room from your purchased room license.

eZee Frontdesk Configuration >> Property Setup >> Room Operation >> New/Edit Room >> Tick Mark Virtual Room

How to access:
Follow below settings to configure virtual room:

Screenshot 1:
eZee Front desk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> Formula >> Unchecked Virtual Room >> Save
Virtual room will not be counted in my actual inventory or room sales with below settings

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

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How to configure the formula for room calculation in eZee Absolute?

Formula: To calculate occupancy, ADR ( Average Daily Rate ) Etc we can manage formulae for the same from eZee Configuration, We can count or un-count the fields.

How to access: In order to set formula to refer to the below steps.

Location: Login into eZee Absolute Configuration >> Settings >> Configure Formula>> Save.

Screenshot :

User Privileges: eZee Absolute configuration  >>  User  >>  Edit User  >>  Privileges  >>  Configuration  >>  Access to General Setting

To do access for setting option in configuration, User should be accessed for the below shown right in the screenshot.