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How to enable group items by category on the receipt?

Items can be group on receipt by category. Please follow the below steps to set the receipt.

  1. Switch to Backend

2. Go to Setting >> Printing Template >> Edit receipt template>> Enable Group item by Category.

3. Click on the Setting icon in the receipt template and add the Group header and Group Footer.

4. It will appear as below. Highlighted name is Category.

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What is the Goods Return? What is the process of Goods Return in eZee Optimus?

Goods Return is especially designed to control the inventory deduction when, store sends items back to the vendor for some reasons, such as receiving the expired items, an item was broken, or needing to replace the items.  Good Returns will deduct the quantity from the respected store.

Please refer below screen shot to create Goods Return:

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What is the Market list in eZee Optimus?

Market list is preparing the Purchase order of the items prior to the stock of that item going to get finished. So, Store manager can directly raise the purchase order if the list is ready with respective qty and vendor.It is possible to change the Qty and Vendor at the time of creating a purchase order.

Please refer below screen shot to create a market list.

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How to take the order for business source in eZee Optimus?

Business Source: There are tie up with Business source which gives business to restaurant on commission bases.

Define Business source in eZee Optimus.

  1. Create Commission plan

2. Define business source

3. Map the Business source with Outlet.

4. Enable the business source in Order types. Here we have activated for Dine in, We can activate it for other order types as well.

5. While taking order, You can select the business source.

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How to enable contactless payment and which payment gateways can be integrated?

When guests take contactless orders from mobile, they can also manage to pay from mobile itself. It requires online payment needs to be activated and the payment gateway should be integrated with eZee Optimus.

Currently we can integrate Airpay Payment gateway with eZee Optimus, Still for other payment gateway, we can check feasibility to integrate.

Enabling online payment mode:

Switch to eZee backend >> Edit Outlet >> Other settings >> Contact less Settings >> Activate online payment mode

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User is not able to give discount in eZee Optimus?

Discount is privilege based operation in Point of sale, Every user have not access to apply the discount.

User will not be able to apply discount on two conditions.

  1. Discount is not active in User id
  2. Discount privilege is not given to user

If discount is not enable in user id, it will throw below message

If discount is active but privilege is not given, it will throw below message.

For such instance, the user can contact the Admin user to give privilege for the same.

Admin user can activate discount from eZee Optimus Backend.

Switch to back>> Settings>> User >> Edit>> Discount

To enable discount privilege, Admin can go through below screen shot. Once it is enabled, user can apply the discount.

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How to show a duplicate label on KOT if the user reprints it?

Step 1) In the Backend, Go to Configuration >> Language >> Front_Common.Change the Re-print KOT caption to “Duplicate KOT”.


Step 2) In the KOT template, place a “Order Status” Tag on the header.


Output:-A) If the user reprints a KOT.


B) If the user places a new order.


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How to check the closing stock?


Closing stock: It is an amount of unused stock lying in your business on a given date.

To check the closing stock as on date, Kindly check closing stock report for particular Store.

  1. Open Reports

2. Select Closing Stock reports, Select the as on date and Store. You can select the cost calculation method to see the closing Stock value.

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How to show a duplicate label on the Receipt if the user reprints it?

When user reprint the receipt we can print “Duplicate” label on Receipt.

To setup the same, Follow the steps.

  1. Switch to eZee Optimus Backend.

2. Go to Setting >> Printing Templates >> Receipt template, click on Setting icon and define “Duplicate” caption under Header. Put cursor on six dots and select it. Where you can define a number of regular prints and after that duplicate caption will be printed on the Receipt.

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How to delete menu items in eZee Optimus?

To delete any menu item from eZee Optimus kindly follow below steps.

  1. Switch to backend

2. Go to menu management, Find the item you want to under Menu group and Menu Sub Group. Here we want to delete eZee_item which is under Food ( Menu group ) and Special ( Sub Menu group ).

Delete the item from menu management.

3. No go to Item and find that item and delete it.

Note: If any transaction exist related to this item, it won’t be deleted.

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How to take seat-wise order and split it?

Assume 3 guests are sitting on 1 table and having their food together. They want separate bills for those items only which they have consumed. In such a case, the server can take the order seat wise and later on split the bills by seat numbers.

Activate Seat Wise Order:  Active seat no. from ezee Optimus back >> Master >> outlet >> Edit Outlet >> Order type setting >> Dine-in >> Order listing style >> Seat Wise

Step 1: Switch to Front end and take Dine in order with Seat number wise.

Step 2:  Go to Order Summary, Select the Option “Split By Seat”.

Step 3: Now you can see the two receipt Splitted by seat number.

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How to hold/Fire the Item Course Wise in eZee Optimus?

In dining, a course is a specific set of food items that are served together during a meal.

When we take dine in order, we can add order for specific set of course items. Based on guest requirement we can send specific course to the kitchen and rest of course will be hold.

You can fire anytime hold course to the kitchen.

  1. Enable course wise order on dine In from eZee Optimus Backend.

2. Switch to front end and take dine In order Course wise. Here two course orders are taken., 1. Main Course 2. Dessert

3. Click on any item of particular course we want to hold and click on Hold course. So all the items will be put on hold. Here Main course will be hold. Click on Save so rest of course item will be print.

You can bifurcate hold course item with color.

4. Now to send hold course to kitchen, you can click on item again and fire course so items kot will be printed on Kitchen.

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How to give items as complimentary in eZee Optimus?

Basically, complementary item means free item at restaurant. To give Complementary item first we need to create complementary item discount from eZee Optimus backend.

Privilege: eZee Optimus Backend>>Settings>>User>>Front office operation>> Item discount and also enable particular discount type for the user.

  1. Create Complementary item discount , Switch to back and add discount type.

2. Switch to the front end, Take item order, and apply the complementary discount. you can see item price becomes Zero.

You can also see Complementary items reports.

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How to send a digital receipt via email/SMS in eZee Optimus?

With every successful payment, you can provide customers with a digital receipt (text message or email).

We can customize content based on our requirement.

Enable Digital Receipts:

  1. Switch to eZee Optimus backend and create digital receipt template.

2. Following are Screen shots to add email template and SMS template respectively

3. Go to terminal and add digital receipt configuration

We can also add CC and bcc emails. We can add templates to add with email.

4. Similarly, we can add for SMS

Once this configuration is completed, Upon Transaction SMS/email will be sent to customer.

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What are the digital menu and contactless dine-in in eZee Optimus?

Digital Menu: Contact less menus feature QR codes that customers point and scan with their smartphone’s camera, taking them to an online digital menu where they can browse food and drink options. 

Contactless Dine In: Contactless Dining using QR codes helps remove certain interaction that causes direct or indirect human contact and promotes a safer and hygienic dining experience for diners and for restaurant staff as well.


  1. Active contact less and digital menu using QR code

Steps to activate Contact less dining.

  1. Switch back and go to table management

2. Scan the above QR code in the Smartphone camera. it will open a tab like this. Select the table.

3. Start ordering, you can see the Menu. You can add items in Cart and place order.

3. Once order is placed, You will get notification with beep sound on Front end, From there you can accept, Reject the order. You can also block the device for fake order. You can click on view to see device details and ordered item details.

Once you accept the order it will update the status in smart phone as well and you can finalize the bill.

If payment gateway is integrated with eZee Optimus, Guest can pay directly from the same tab by clicking on Finalize bill.

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How to create and edit PO, GRN voucher templates in eZee Optimus?

We can add the voucher template from Back end and edit it based on the requirement.


  1. Switch to back

2. Add voucher templates, Select the type for you want to add voucher template. Give a name to it. All the voucher templates can be added from here. i.e. Purchase order, Goods receipt note, Indent voucher etc

3. You can also edit the voucher based on your requirement from the given setting. You can add the tag from the left side at