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eZee Burrp Lite Application

What is Burrp Lite application?
eZee BurrP! Lite is a restaurant management app that simplifies operations, save time, and provide personalized service to their customers. It is integrated with eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS system and synced data vice a versa.

Mobile/Tablet specifications(Minimum):

  • Android version: Android 5.0 – Lollipop
  • Available with Android  Application Only (Not available with MAC/iOS)
  • RAM Size: 2 GB
  • Resolution: 800 X 1280

Installation Requirement:

  • eZee Burrp application worked on or above version
  • Need Fix /Static IP address on the server machine
  • Tablet/Mobile device and eZee Burrp server machine (where eZee Light Service is installed) must be under same wireless network
  • i.e. Download “Ping” application from Google Play Store and enter IP address of eZee Burrp machine where eZee Light Service is installed to check connectivity
  • Turn off firewall in eZee Burrp machine or add advance rules

Note: Currently it is not support any credit card interface or other payment gateway.

Printer Setting:  eZee Burrp terminal printer setting applicable to application

License: Burrp lite services need one time license (Based on tablet/mobile device count)

How to do interface of Burrp Application:

  • Install eZee Light Service in the burrp terminal (Prefer server machine) in the  eZee Application Path
  • Start eZee Light Service as run as administrator
  • Install eZee Burrp Mobile Application in Tablet/Mobile Device and enter Service IP address display with eZee Light Service (See in the screenshot)
    You need to approve the device from eZee POS Back Office >> 3 Bullet Points >> Mobile Devices >> Request Device >> Approve

You can login to application with burrp credentials

User Privilege: eZee Burrp Lite App User Privilege

Manual: eZee Burrp Lite App User Guide

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In eZee Cloud Mobile Application (Hotel PMS and Channel Manager) which operations I can perform?

In eZee Absolute mobile application you can perform below operations:

Menu View:
1) Dashboard
2) Arrival list
3) Departure list
4) Reservation list
5) In-House
6) Distribution (This is enabled when channel manager register)
7) Search
8) Quick View
9) Stay View
10) Manager Report
11) Notification
12) Maintenance Block List
13) Work Order List
14) House Status
15) Net Lock
16) Notification setting
17) Logout

Basic Functionalities:
1) View Transaction
2) Payment
3) Extra Charge
4) Audit Trail List
5) Remark
6) Assign / Unassign Room
7) Mark No Show
8) Amend Stay
9) Void Transaction
10) Cancel Reservation
11) Check In (Only Check-In through reservations)
12) Check Out
13) Change Reservation Type
14) Undo Cancel Reservation
15) Undo Check-In
16) Edit Guest profile
17) Send Email Reservation voucher
18) Print Reservation Voucher

Hope the provided information will help.