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How to add & map(assign) city ledger payment against the folio in eZee Absolute?

What is City Ledger Advance payment or folio mapping?
This is a credit/company/hotelier/ Direct Billing account on which guest folio charges will be posted for the moment to perform guest checkout. Hotelier received payment from add payment and map city ledger folio with payment receive from city ledger. 

Received from City Ledger: Travel Agent/ Company Name / Room Owner

How to Access: In order to add/map the payment received from the city ledger/ Travel agent account follow the below steps and video.

Location: eZee Absolute  >> Cashiering  >> Cashiering

User Privilege: eZee absolute >> Go to Configuration >> User >> Edit user >> Privileges >> Cashiering >> Access to City Ledger Payment Feature

Screenshot 1: Go to Cashiering >> Cashiering

Screenshot 2: Search city ledger account / TA / Room Owner by with posting date, Receipt No., Mapping and add new payment

Screenshot 3: Here map payment with respective folios or incidental invoices by using posting date search and Tick Mark on Date box, assign and save it

Map Payment Directly:

Screenshot 1: By clicking on individual payment records from the cashiering, you get a list of various operations you can perform like Void, Map Payment and Print Receipt

Screenshot 2: Tick mark on the date and select with

  • Manual:  Assign payment manually under folios
  • By balance: Automatic Payment mapping done with folios as per balance
  • Proportional: Payment will equally map with all the folios in the list
    Ex: Assigned 100$ as Payment/  5 as Bookings = 20$ each folios

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What is POS (Incidental Invoice) in eZee Absolute?

POS means: Point of sales The hotelier can manage their miscellaneous sales from POS by generating Incidental invoice, basically some Guests are not staying in your Rooms, but still, they are using your facility, so those facilities charges you can manage from POS.

As an example; the restaurant charges you can manage from here, or another example if you have a swimming pool and you are, giving it for rent, so guests who book for a party are not going to stay in your hotel, so those rent charges you can manage from POS, you can create swimming pool party as extra charges and add here, at last, to generate invoice you can make payment and save. These POS charges can’t be posted in guest folio.

How to Access: In order to ass POS (Incidental charges) follow the below steps and video.

Location: eZee absolute  PMS >> click on three lines (≡) >> Cashiering  >> POS

Pre-requisite: eZee absolute configuration >> Master >> General >>  Extra charge

eZee Absolute Configuration >> Settings >> General >> Document Numbering

Note: Extra charge with Flat Percentage will be not display with POS. 

Screenshot 1: eZee absolute configuration >> Cashiering >> POS >> Add New

Screenshot 2:  Fill/ Add in new guest information or search from guest database >> select payment method along with Invoice date and Invoice no. >> add charges by selecting extra charges >> add payment.

Reports: Daily Extra charge Report

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How to cancel Group Reservation in eZee Absolute?

Sometimes it’s required to cancel group reservations or require to cancel some rooms from that group reservations.

How to Access: In order to cancel group reservations follow the below steps and video.

Location: eZee absolute  Front operation >> Group reservation.

Screenshot 1: Group >> Group Reservations

Screenshot 2:  Edit Group

Screenshot 3: Select all the Rooms, if you want to cancel all bookings or select a particular room which you want to cancel >> More >> Group cancellation

Screenshot 4: Select the reason for cancellation or add a new reason >> Save.

Screenshot 5: Once you click on the save button you will get a confirmation notification.

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How to use Guest Portal in eZee Absolute?

To use Guest Portal Service, please refer following steps with screenshots;

Step 1: Activate Guest Portal 

Path: Go to eZee Absolute Configuration >> Settings >> Others >> Guest Portal Settings >> then activate the Guest Portal and set the visibility settles, general settings, and Property Map as per your preference. (Refer below screenshot)

Further, while you will take a reservation an email will be sent to the guest along with the guest portal link. The guest needs to click on the link and and web application will open on his/her smart device.

Moreover, Let’s see How the Guest Portal will look like when the guest will open. (Refer to the below screenshot to have a first look at the guest portal at the guest’s end.)

As shown in the above screenshot, the guest portal holds features like Confirm your Check-In, Need Transport, Manage Profile, Modify Booking, Cancel booking, Check Your Bill, and a lot more.

The guest will click on the appropriate option/button and perform the operation accordingly.

Once the operation/request is performed by the guest, the Front Office Manager/Executive will receive a notification on eZee Absolute Front office. (Refer to the below screenshot to have a look at it)

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot: 2

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1-1024x705.png

Screenshot 3:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2-1024x701.png

Here, the hotelier can APPROVE or REJECT the request received from the guest.

This is all we have in Guest Portal Feature.

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What is IP Config in eZee Absolute? How to configure it?

eZee Absolute is a cloud-based system thereby, considering a security factor, we have a privilege for the user account to login through specific IP address only.

If we do not wish to give GLOBAL login access to the user, we need to define specific IP addresses and here is the Path : Login into eZee Absolute Configuration >> Under Properties Configuration >> IP config (Refer attached screenshot)

Then, enter the particular IP address on which you want the user to login and then, save it.

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In eZee Absolute, how can i change fonts in the Email Template?

Following are the Steps to Change the fonts in to the Email Template in eZee Absolute

1) Login in to eZee Absolute Configuration
2) Go to Master Tab >>>Email Template>>>Templates
3) Click on pencil Mark (Edit) in front of the template you want to edit .
4) Select the Sentence/Word you want  to change the fonts.
5) Select the font from the drop down list and Save it

Kindly Refer to the below screen Shot for the same.

Note:-  As per my testing Its not functioning properly so will raise a ticket for the same but for now i am sending you the steps for the same.

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Reservation clerk user role is not able to book reservation it’s say Access Denied! (Assign Room) Your User account does not have rights to access this functionality.

While taking a reservation if User gets above message, then follow the below steps and screenshot to overcome the same.

1) Login to eZee Absolute Configuration

2) Click on User tab.

3) Select User who is not able to perform reservation click on Edit button.

4) Tick mark the Assign Room privilege and click on save button.

By this, User will be able to take a reservation.

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CGST and SGST tax for GST configure but tax applied for room charges showing under Other Taxes in eZee Absolute.

The development team has introduced the new setting for showing different tax for room charges (CGST and SGST) and extra charges (Other tax).

They introduced two new Parameters on Display Settings Screen for Folio Detail Template 14 – GST and Group Invoice Template 6 – GST/Pro Forma Template 6 – GST

1) CGST Tax
2) SGST Tax
eA Configuration Open Settings >> General >> Display Settings configure CGST and SGST Tax as per provided screen shot.

eA Front Office
Now, you have to check with the issue for both Folio Detail Template 14 – GST and Group Invoice Template 6 – GST/Pro Forma Template 6 – GST
After process above setting, you can see taxes under CGST and SGST in folio.

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How to receive feedback from client about services after checkout in eZee Absolute?

To receive feedback from client in eZee Absolute for that first you need to login with eZee Absolute configuration and follow the below mention steps.

1) Master >> Marketing >> Email Marketing & Scheduling
2) Select Type as Post Departure and click on Search.
3) Click on edit button for Template Rate our service, give your feedback! and make necessary changes as per your requirement.


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Is it possible to have auto night audit feature in eZee Absolute?

Yes, It is possible to set auto night audit feature in eZee Absolute.

1) You will see AUTO SETTINGS button under Settings >> Others >> Auto Settings.

2) Goto night audit tab and select automatic radio button.

3) Set Auto Night audit time

4) Select option for Reservation Settings for a) Mark as no show b) Mark as void c) Mark as Cancel.

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How to send Reservation voucher as PDF Attachment?

To activate this option First login with eZee Absolute Configuration >> Settings >> General >> Check-in/Reservation >> More Settings >> and check the option “Send Reservation voucher as pdf” and “email reservation voucher” and save this setting.

For more information follow the below steps.