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How to exempt or no tax for no charge orders in eZee Optimus?

To remove the taxes from all the No charge orders, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Switch to back end.

Step 2: Menu >> Rate >> Add No Charge

Step 3: Go to rate configuration>> Select rate>> Remove tax

Step 5: Go to outlet >> Click on Setting sign >> Assign the rate plan for No charge order type.

Go to the Front end and select No charge Order type.

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How to exempt tax in eZee Absolute? (even after check-in/Reservation)

Tax exemption is the reduction or removal of a liability to make a compulsory payment of tax. For eg. In the Maldives, all tourists outside of Maldives have to pay Tourist tax base on pax local visitors are exempted from this tax to be applied.

How to Access: In order Exempt Tax please follow the below steps and video:

Location: Edit Transaction/Room >> Folio Detail (Tab) >> Operations >> Tax Operation >> Select Tax >> Exempt >> Enter TAX exemption ID >> Save.

User Privilege: To exempt tax, users are required to have compulsory rights edit an item on an audited data and edit item on an open date from cashiering as per the below screenshot.

Screenshot 1:


Screenshot 2:


Screenshot 3:


Screenshot 4:


Exempt Tax at the time of walk-in or Reservation


Report: After exempt tax, if you want to see in Report, you can refer Audit Trails Report, In this report you can refer Operation: Exempt Tax, from there you can refer Which tax was exempted and who had exempt.