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How to settle a receipt/bill with multiple payment modes in eO Rapidserve?

Step 1: First you need to click on the order summary by clicking on three lines in the corner and see the running orders click on the order which you want to settle.

Step 2: Click on the first payment type in which you want to do the quarter of settlement click on the payment subtype then enter the amount by clicking on the C button to erase the amount and enter how much you want to add in the system with first payment type and then save the process.


Step 3: again select the payment type which you want to settle the remaining balance of the guest and as per the guest request you may settle the balance and save so it will settle the whole order with multiple payments.


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How to change payment mode, if bill is settled with wrong settlement/payment mode in eO Rapidserve?

Step 1: First you need to click on the order summary and see the completed orders click on the order which is settled by mistake to see the details as follows

Step 2: You need to click on the dustbin icon to delete the wrong settlement payment type in order to settle the same again with the correct payment type, it will ask you to choose the reason to void the settlement, once you choose settlement will be voided.

Step 3: Click on the settle button as follows and select the correct payment method to settle the order again, select the payment method from the subcategory of payment type as follows.

Step 4: Final steps you can select the save button to save the settlement type and settle the order with the correct settlement type, and you can see both settlement type in red color voided settlement type and black with the correct payment type.

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How to change the quantity of an item after the order is placed in eO Rapidserve?

Once the order is placed we can change the item Quantity in Rapid Serve App.

Refer to the below details on how we can change the quantity of the item once we finished the order.

Screenshot 1: Login into the Rapid serve App and go to the Order summary by click on 3 line 

Screenshot 2:
Click on the order.

Screenshot 3:

User Privilege

If the user is unable to change the item quantity or unable to recall the order then we have to give rights to a user from the admin user in Optimus Back.

In the above screenshot, we can see the privileges.

IF you are looking to see the privilege for Edit function then edit the user and below privileges, there is empty space where we can write edit, So all the edit right will show to us and we can select those rights and click on edit.

Note: once we changed in the backed under the user then please ask the user to re-login and try. For Optimus 2.0 also you need to login in Optimus browser.


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How to add rate configuration for different order types and change rate plan in eZee Optimus?

What is Rate Configuration?
Set up of  different price / rate for order type : dine-in (ac and non ac), take away etc. as per POS set up.

eZee Optimus >> Switch to Back >> Menu >> Rate Configuration >> Rate Plan >> Rate list

Step-1: Adda new Rate Plan (Rate List)

Step-2: Select the rate plan >> Click on Settings Icon

Select the field as PRICE, Click on f(x) and change the prices.

As per the above screenshot:

Field: From field, you have to select a type of update for the rate plan please refer below for details.
Price – To update the selling price of the items for the rate plan
Cost – To update the cost price of the items for the rate plan
Inclusive & Tax group – To define tax on items as tax inclusive or tax exclusive and which tax should be applied
Discountable – For here you can define is the item applicable for discount or not.
Open Price – From here you can define the minimum and maximum selling rates of the item.

Menu Group: This option is available to sort/filter the item according to menu group

Menu Subgroup: This option is available to sort/filter the item according to menu Subgroup

: It is used to Reset the data

f(X): This option is to define factors to the Item based on Field selected for an update.

Default: It shows an actual setting of the item

Rate (This will be your rate plan name): You have to update the rates according to your requirements under its section

Once your rates are configured for the rate plan please click on “Save” to save the setting.

Step 3: Set a rate plan / price setting for every order type in the Outlet

Step 4: Set a rate plan from the front on order type

Once the setting is updated as per the above steps then you are ready to take orders according to rate plan rates.

User Privileges: eZee Optimus >> Switch to Back >> Settings >> User >> Privilege

1) Access to Back Office

2) Rate Configuration & Change Rate Plan

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