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How to enable email notification (like Reservation voucher) in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

What is Email Notification?
Email Notifications alert for guest on user operations like Check in/Reservation/Checkout 

eZee FrontDesk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> Notification >> Email 

eZee FrontDesk Configuration >> Advance Settings  >> Miscellaneous >> Letter Template

Note: Guest will get email voucher on email that added in General information 

How to Access: Make sure, you have email account configured correctly  in order to send an email ( Link: https://help.ezeetechnosys.com/how-to-configure-gmail-email-configuration-in-ezee-frontdesk-7-0/ )
1. You need email notification license to activate notification
2. When you take any reservation, it is compulsory to add email address for email notification
3. Test email should be gone successfully

Screenshot 1: Create email template (You can add your email voucher email template)

Screenshot 2: Add Email account user ID & Password ( For Guest Reservation voucher active below Reservation Mail Settings)
If you find out reservation mail settings grayed out, turn notification off and check

Screenshot 3: 
Map that email template
Note: Hotel users will get this email notification, check on attachment to get folio

Screenshot 4: You must have to set export path from FDC >> Advance Settings >> General >> Export Path

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How to send notification for the expire loyalty card in eZee Burrp?

How to send notification for the membership card validity which  is about to expire.
Please refer below GIF Steps.



eZee Burrp Backoffice >> Tools >> Printing Template >> Letter template

Note: Must need to configure email configuration

How to access:
Please refer below screenshots for configuration

Screenshot 1: Active notification from cards
Screenshot 2: List out expired people list

Screenshot 3:

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In eZee Absolute, how can i change fonts in the Email Template?

Following are the Steps to Change the fonts in to the Email Template in eZee Absolute

1) Login in to eZee Absolute Configuration
2) Go to Master Tab >>>Email Template>>>Templates
3) Click on pencil Mark (Edit) in front of the template you want to edit .
4) Select the Sentence/Word you want  to change the fonts.
5) Select the font from the drop down list and Save it

Kindly Refer to the below screen Shot for the same.

Note:-  As per my testing Its not functioning properly so will raise a ticket for the same but for now i am sending you the steps for the same.