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Email Option in eZee Absolute

Email Option in Absolute is used to Automatized email mechanism in Absolute. Automatized means, once the Absolute is activated then only system will shoot an email to the Guest. Such as ‘Check out notification email’ to a guest.

Prerequisite(Condition): Guest Email ID has to be their on the Transaction when the booking comes from the Channel/Booking Engine or PMS.

Configuration Part :

Path: eZee Absolute Configuration–> Settings Tab–> Print and Email Settings–> Email Option [refer the below screen shot]

Please find the description of Print and Email Settings:

1) Check Out:  If the option “Email Thanks at Check out” is ☑, it will send an Thanks email to guest on check out.

2) Guest Review: If the “Email Guest Review Request out” is ☑, it will send an Email to the guest for the review on check out.

3) Reservation: If the “Email for Reservation Released” is ☑, it will send an Email to guest for Reservation released after night audit has been done.

4) Email to Reservation Cancelled: If the option “Email for Reservation Cancelled” ☑, it will send an Email to the guest when the reservation has been Cancelled.

5) Send Reports on Night Audit: You have to select reports based on the Clients & Hoteliers requests, once it is checked ☑ on the “Send to” Section you have to enter Email IDs where reports will deliver

6) SMTP Email Verification: Once the option is selected ☑, It will Activate the SES Verification for the Email IDs which has been configured in the system.

Caution: Once you check ☑ an option, you have to save those records and it will affect afterwards.