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How to configure Gmail email configuration in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Email configuration is required to send email voucher on Reservation/Booking 

eZee FrontDesk Configuration >> Advance Settings >> Email 

Need a working Gmail  Account

How to Access:
Make sure, you have an email account configured correctly in order to send an email.


1. You need email notification license to activate the notification
2. When you take any reservation, it is compulsory to add email address for email notification
3. Check test email

Screenshot 1: Login to your Gmail email account and go to Manage your Google Account

Screenshot 2: Two 2-step Verification should be enabled

Screenshot 3: Screenshot 4:

Screenshot 5: Please enter the Software name for which you need to generate the password

Screenshot 6:Copy the Generated Password

Screenshot 7:

Screenshot 8:

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How to configure Yahoo email account in eZee Frontdesk 7.0?

Yahoo also requires authentication while configuring email account with eZee software.

Please follow the below steps, when we try to configure Yahoo email account.

Step 1)  :  We need to Authorized eZee Software and generate password (Authorized password)

Go to the link:     https://login.yahoo.com/account/security?scrumb=vwTq6VkfgB4   

Step 2)   :   Select “AppType = Other” from Dropdown and Generate Authorized Password

Step 3)  :  When click on “Generate” button, Yahoo will generate App Authorized Password, which we need to use in the eZee Email Account configuration (NOT regular password, its a different one).

Step 4)  :  eZee Frontdesk Configuration  >> Advance Settings  >>  Email